Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Landing Net

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Key Features

  • Designed for commercial fisheries
  • Large size ideal for commercial sized Carp
  • Medium size ideal for silver fish and F1’s
  • Pan net design with a soft fish friendly mesh
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Extra strong spreader block
  • Cradle style design
  • Micro anti-snag base mesh
  • Low resistance free-flow side mesh
  • Dimensions
  • Medium: 40cm x 50cm
  • Large: 50cm x 60cm
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AD032 Size: Medium
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A premier quality landing net is especially necessary for the dedicated match angler. The team behind the Advanta brand has worked hard to ensure that its match fishing landing net exceeds all expectations on the bank – which the X5 Match Elite Oval Net more than achieves.

The Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is, as the name suggests, for the elite match angler who demands a superior level of quality and performance from all items in their tackle arsenal. Boasting a pan net design with a soft fish friendly mesh which is also micro anti-snag base mesh.

Both of the nets in the range feature twin mesh designs. Not only are the two meshes different colours but they are also different sizes, in order to better support your fish as you lift it from the water. The outer mesh of the Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is olive-green in colour (in order to better blend into the water when fully submerged) and features a wide spacing. This ensures that flowing water can easily move through the mesh – aiding the netting of fish in rivers and other waters with currents. The base of the mesh is exceptionally fine and black in colour. Dark mesh has been proven the reduce stress on fish and the fine mesh better supports the weight of the fish as you lift it from the water – reducing the risk of uneven pressure points on the fish. Both meshes are certified as being fish-friendly, meeting all modern standards of fish care, and they have been designed so as to be nonabrasive on the fish – preventing the removal of the protective mucus which reduces the risk of disease and illness in fish.

This net is available in two different sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal landing net to suit your needs. The smaller of the nets (40cm x 50cm) is the medium size and it is ideal for landing a full range of traditional match fish. Bream, skimmers, F1s, and a whole host of other coarse fish are all ideal for landing using this sized net as it won’t dwarf them, making it easy to unhook the fish and release it into your keepnet quickly. The large sized net  (50cm x 60cm) in the range has been specifically designed for the larger carp which you might encounter on the UK’s commercial waters. This ensures that you’re able to cope with an unexpected large fish, allowing you to make the most of each species that comes your way.

Made with a lightweight aluminium frame, the net is finished with a spreader block, which is robust and durable for landing those larger fish. It has been fitted with a universal thread, too, which allows you to attach it to almost any landing net pole or bankstick. This allows you to modify the read of the net depending on your needs. For example, if you’re fishing in close quarters, then a shorter pole or bankstick might be the best suited handle option. Conversely, if you’re fishing out to 16m with your pole, then a longer handle might aid fish landing. The Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is the perfect tool for all manner of match fishing scenarios and it allows you to target a huge range of the UK’s match waters with the confidence that you’ll be able to land each and every fish. 

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