Airflo Fly Fishing Kit

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Key Features

  • Airflo 4-piece Carbon fly rod
  • Pre-loaded Graphite fly reel
  • Airflo velocity floating fly line and backing
  • Protective rod tube
  • Tapered mono leader
  • Fly box and flies
  • Sunglasses for eye protection
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F-AIRKIT-1078 Rod Length: 10ft, Reel Size: #7/8, Fly Line: WF Floating
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F-AIRKIT-9067 Rod Length: 9ft, Reel Size: #6/7 , Fly Line: WF Floating
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F-AIRKIT-8645 Rod Length: 8ft6, Reel Size: #4/5, Fly Line: WF Floating
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F-AIRKIT-9089 Rod Length: 9ft, Reel Size: #9/10, Fly Line: WF Floating
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F-AIRKIT-9056 Rod Length: 9ft, Reel Size: #5/6, Fly Line: WF Floating
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Established in the late 1980s, Airflo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fly tackle lines and still continues to innovate with its new products. It is responsible for developing a series of innovations products that are unparalleled by any other line manufacturer. Whilst Airflo did not invent the fly line, it has certainly been a key part in its evolution. Airflo is the originators of Polyurethane coatings, creating the first welded loops, developing low stretch cores and even the worlds first density compensated fly lines. More recently, Airflo fishing has developed an advanced range of fly lines with Ridged coatings that reduce surface friction and improve shootability. Every modification is a breakthrough offering a truly tangible improvement, not some invisible technology developed in the minds of the marketers.

With always looking for ways to improve angler’s fly fishing experience, Airflo offers a fly fishing kit to get you prepared for the rigours of the discipline. Great for new fly anglers, the Airflo kit has everything you need for a flying start in fly fishing.

This kit includes a four-piece carbon fly rod. The carbon material is not only strong but flexible providing the limberness requires from catching trout and bass. The full length of the fly rod is 10ft, great for reservoir fishing. The pack also comes with a nice solid corduroy tube to protect your rod.

The Airflo fly fishing kit also includes a pre-loaded graphite fly reel, that is ready to go as soon as you hit the lake. This saves you one less job when arriving at the bank. The fly kit reel is fully loaded with an AirFlo Velocity WF8 floating fly line and backing that matches the rod so that all the fly kit balances perfectly.

The fly fishing complete kit even includes an essential tool for fly fishing of a pair of sunglasses. These not only help with the glare on a sunny day but also protect your eyes from any wayward flies getting into your eyes. The fly kit also includes a tapered mono leader line and a small fly box that contains a selection of some pre-made flies.

Ensuring that you look good and perform well out on the river, this is a great gift for someone who’s looking to get in to fly fishing, or a good investment for yourself if you’re heading to an area where salmon and trout are plentiful and want to try something a little bit different.

So if you are not sure whether fly fishing is for you, this is an affordable way to get into a new discipline and find out whether it suits you, without spending too much. Alternatively, this is a great kit to buy if you need an extra starter pack or a rod to travel with.

The whole comprehensive set up of the fly fishing kits from Airflow are spectacular and at an exceptional value, giving you a solid start to start exploring a new discipline


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