Browning Stretch 7 Hollow Pole Elastic 3m

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Key Features

  • The best hollow elastic available
  • Surgical quality, 100% pure natural, latex elastic
  • Stretch factor of 7 times its original length
  • Perfectly round with a small internal bore that Eliminates air bubbles
  • Surface finish that gives ultra-smooth running
  • Designed to cover every pole fishing situation
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6085004 Colour: White, Diameter: 2.30mm, Rating: 10+
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6085008 Colour: Orange, Diameter: 3.50mm, Rating: 20+
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6085005 Colour: Green, Diameter: 2.5mm, Rating: 12+
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6085006 Colour: Orange, Diameter: 2.70mm, Rating: 14+
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6085007 Colour: Red, Diameter: 3.10mm, Rating: 18+
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6085001 Colour: Pink, Diameter: 1.70mm, Rating: 4+
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The Germany fishing brand, Browning have long been associated with match fishing triumph and the brand's core concern is the making of champion anglers through the creation of tackle that encourages success. Whether you are an experienced match angler, even the champion anglers rely on luck of the draw sometimes, if you draw a poor peg it's better to back yourself with the best gear around and there are not many better than Browning.

This Pole Elastic from Browning is super stretchy with the stretch factor of seven times its original length, giving the angler plenty of giving when fighting the more stubborn of commercial fish. This stretch and flexibility are thanks to the surgical quality, 100% pure natural, latex elastic that the line is manufactured from.

In addition to the stretch, the line is also hollow, and Browning boasts it is ‘the best hollow elastic available’.  The hollow elastic means the line is much lighter and the casting and retrieving abilities and performance is massively improved. The line is also perfectly round with a small internal bore that eliminates air bubbles.

The elastic is designed to cover every pole fishing situation and if finished with a surface finish that gives ultra-smooth running in and out of the water. The elastic comes at 3m per packet and an option of three colours. Choose from orange, white or green. All three colours are incredibly bright to assist in watching for bite detection. The lengths may all be 3m but the diameter of these colour options vary. The thinnest diameter is the white line at 2.3mm, green at 2.5mm and orange in two options of 2.7mm or 3.5mm. The two larger diameter orange lines are the perfect elastic for taming the largest of fish in your swim.

For a reliable, light, ultra-stretch elastic, look no further than Browning for sorting line for your pole.



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