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Carp Porter Power Porter Travel Bag

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PP T Bag

Key Features

  • Protects your vehicle from mud
  • Keeps your carp porter in top condition
  • Heavily padded with separate pockets for handles and y bar
  • Shoulder and handles for easy carrying and loading

Carp Porter is a tackle company who specialise in carp barrows or carp trolleys. It has twenty-five years of experience and the creators of Carp Porters, Prestige Engineering, Carp Porters possibly manufacture the best carp barrows available on the market. Carp Porter barrows are designed and built in the Prestige Engineering facility in Basildon, England, which generally means getting hold of spare parts such as wheels is easier than overseas manufacturers. This also means Carp Porters are tailoring their barrows and trolleys to the UK climate and terrain that best suits the British anglers. A considerable benefit to equipping yourself with a Carp Porter barrow, aside from making trips to and from the car easier, is how modifiable they are.

Every transportation device needs its own way of travel. Carp Porter proudly provide those with Carp Porter trolleys a travel bag that is designed to keep your carp porter in top condition. The idea of this travel bag is also great for storing away the porter in a compact fashion after use, whilst keeping the vehicle you use to commute to the lake clean from mud and bank debris. This makes the bag an ideal option for campaign carp anglers with a long, bumpy van journey to a must-fish venue ahead of them.

The heavy-duty lining provides complete protection and ensuring that your barrow makes it out to wherever you're fishing safely and stylishly, and making it easy to adapt your angling to suit your style.

The travel bag is compact but well organised with compartments to separate the handles and the y bar of your porter. All the pocket can use to store your porter parts in are heavily padded and well separated, keeping the trolley from knocking against one another and causing scratches or chips in the porter. This travel bag will fit all Carp Porter barrows (excluding the Extreme model) whilst storing its handles and y bars in the compartments stored in the lid of the bag. Please Note the Barrow is NOT INCLUDED.

The Carp Porter piece of luggage also features top quality heavy padded lining carry handles as well as a padded shoulder for easy carrying and loading in and out of your vehicle. For ease of access, the bag features a two-way heavy-duty zip. This means the closure can withstand the weight of the barrow as well as lasting a long amount of time thanks to its strength and durability.

For the perfect accessory that takes care of your valuable porter, get the Carp Porter travel bag

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