Coarse & Match Fishing Chairs, Stools & Armchairs

If you’re an avid coarse and match angler then chances are that you’ll already be completely set up with a top quality seat box which will see you through the majority of your competitive angling scenarios. What about the times when you just want to head down to the bank for the fun of it, to improve on your technique, or for those anglers who don’t get on with the seat box setup? This is where Angling Direct’s impressive collection of coarse fishing chairs comes into play, giving you a comfortable option for all those scenarios when a seat box simply isn’t appropriate. We have worked long and hard to ensure that we’ve sourced only the finest chairs to ensure that all your coarse and match fishing is as enjoyable as possible and all of the chairs in our range are a head and shoulders above their nearest comparable option.

We only ever stock products that we would be proud to use on the bank ourselves and many of the anglers who run our customer services hotline, work in our central distribution warehouse, and staff our shops have used these chairs in their own coarse and match fishing. This is why we only ever stock the biggest household names, too, in order to ensure that you can be confident in the quality of our tackle. You’ll see products from Preston Innovations, Middy, and Matrix in our collection of coarse and match fishing chairs. These are all established brands, with their roots firmly in the UK’s coarse and match fishing scene, and have impressive reputations for quality of design and manufacture. If the biggest names in tackle have dedicated their time to producing expert chairs, then you know that they are a piece of kit you can’t afford to have missing from your tackle collection.

There are some subtle differences between chairs designed specifically for coarse fishing and other traditional angling day chairs and, when you’re looking for a top quality chair for all your coarse and match angling, there are a number of things you might like to bear in mind.

First things first, you want to ensure that your chair offers you the option of customisation. Much like a seat box, many of our coarse and match fishing chairs have extended legs which reach up past the seat of the chair. This allows you to affix accessories, such as side trays and rod rests, to the side of your chair – ensuring that all your most vital tackle items are within arms reach the moment you need them. You might find that some of the chairs in our range already come supplied with a full collection of accessories in order to ensure that you’re ready to hit the bank as soon as it arrives on your doorstep, whereas other chairs allow you to make your own accessory add-ons to ensure that it is perfectly suited to your needs. If your chair does come supplied with rod or pole holders pre-attached, it is worth considering the structural integrity of these. You need them to hold up to the weight of any take and the last thing you need is to be let down by your chair choice on the bank. You might also want to consider how these add-ons are packed down. Do you have to remove them from the chair before folding or is there a simple way to incorporate them into the folding process? By looking closely at these differences between chairs you can be confident that you’re choosing the ideal product for your needs.

The next thing you want to consider when you’re investing in a top quality coarse fishing chair is its comfort. Comfort is often a final consideration for anglers who are committed to investing in the best possible gear but we believe that it can have one of the biggest impacts on your angling success. After all, the angler who is concerned with their aching back or numb bum is never going to want to stay at the bank as long as the angler who is sitting on the bank in blissful comfort – and, besides, the time they do spend on the bank is going to be less focussed, running this risk of missed opportunities. This is why all of the chairs that we stock in our collection have been densely padded in order to ensure they offer optimum comfort on the bank. It is no good buying an ultra-light chair that packs down to fit inside your rucksack if it is impossibly uncomfortable to sit on! Some of the chairs we stock also feature an adjustable recline, too. This allows you to lounge back or sit upright on the bank as you so desire, ensuring that you’re able to tailor your bankside experience to your own needs.

Additionally, many of the chairs in our range have been designed with independently adjustable telescopic legs. These allow you to modify the height of the chair to suit your needs, whether you prefer to look out and over your water or you prefer a lower-profiled angling experience for the ultimate stealthy approach. They also allow you to accommodate for any uneven bankside camber, ensuring that you can enjoy a completely flat seat on the bank. There are few things worse for the welfare of your spine than being sat at an uneven angle for hours on end and having the ability to adjust your chair to give yourself a flat seat is essential – particularly if you’re planning on spending an extended period of time in one position at the water’s edge.

These telescopic or adjustable legs are often finished with a top quality swivel foot, sometimes referred to as a mud foot. This foot is large and hinged to allow it to sit flat on whichever surface you place it. This helps to ensure that the chair is completely stable, no matter the terrain, giving you a sturdy base from which to target your swim or peg. This is not only important to ensure that you’re able to sit firmly on your chair but also to ensure that your rods are held in the perfect position whilst you’re angling – after all, your chair is much more than just a seat for you as it is also a support system for your coarse fishing rods or poles. Having a top quality chair, therefore, not only helps to ensure that you’re comfortable on the bank but it also ensures that you’re able to fish as accurately as possible – giving you the greatest chance of a successful session.

Finally, it goes without saying that all of the chairs in our range have been designed with transportation in mind. After all, there is no use in designing a chair that gives you the most comfortable bankside experience imaginable if you have no way of getting it down to the water’s edge! The vast majority of the chairs that you’ll find in our range are either collapsible, to ensure that they can be placed on a barrow or held under an arm, or they come supplied with their very own luggage. This ensures that you can quickly and easily fold and carry your chair from the boot of your car down to the bankside, as well as from swim to swim should you decide to relocate mid-session.

Our chairs come in at a range of prices, allowing you to pick the ideal chair to suit your needs and your budget. We offer free next day delivery to all UK mainland customers on purchases over £50, too, as well as our top quality Price Checker system which ensures that you’re always getting the very best price on the market. It is also worth remembering that we offer our Direct Credit interest-free finance on all orders totalling £300 or more. If you’re thinking about investing in a few more tackle items at the same time as purchasing your coarse and match fishing chair, our Direct Credit system ensures that you can invest in all the gear you need in one go. This way, you can be out on the bank enjoying your brand new tackle whilst also budgeting effectively.

If you do have any further questions about the perfect coarse or match fishing chair for your needs, any aspect of the ordering process, or you’re looking for advice on any aspect of your angling, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. We’re proud to staff a team of avid anglers, each with their own speciality, so much of the advice you receive will come from personal experience with the tackle in question. All conversations are completely without obligation, too. This ensures that you can pick our brains before going away and having a proper mull over your decision, to ensure that you’re confident that you’re making the right choice for you.

Coarse and Match angling is as much a waiting game as it is a skill sport. To be sat on the bankside grass or on a seat box for a couple of hours is all well and good but a fishing chair can transform your angling experience and long gone are the days of numb bums and stiff backs thanks to our range of premier chairs. 

What Do I Need in a Coarse Fishing Chair?

Although all the chairs in our collection are world-class products that we proudly use on the bank ourselves, there are a couple of things that you ought to bear in mind such as the padding, frame support, size, back support, and armrests, leg and reclining adjustability. Also if it can be used in combination with a seatbox. Read more details on what to look for in your fishing chair in our dedicated guide to Fishing Chairs.

Not only are there plenty of fishing chair types to choose from but great brands too, to ensure that no matter which of our products you choose you’re going to be getting the perfect tool for you. That’s why you’ll see names like Korum, Middy, Preston and Matrix in our stellar collection of chairs for coarse and match fishing. Advanta is the brand we’re proud to call our own, and all the chairs and bedchair buddies in our range are top-quality products that offer exceptional value for money.

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