Wednesday Review… Daiwa Connoisseur G20 16m Pole

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Wednesday Review… Daiwa Connoisseur G20 16m Pole

Daiwa Connoisseur G20 16m Pole Review

For today's Wednesday review we have something a little different, as today's piece has actually been been written by AD guest blogger Michael Woods. Michael is a very good angler and is very passionate about his fishing, he's a regular in the Angling Direct Norwich store and knows what he wants from the products he uses. He's kindly written this fantastic unbias review, on the Daiwa G20 Pole, which he currently uses, so without further adue, take it away Michael...

After owning the superb Daiwa G20 Connoisseur 16mtr Pole for nearly 2 years now and catching plenty of fish using one I feel that the time is right to give it a full user review. I will start with some background on poles I have previously owned. From the top of my head the main pole brands I have owned and used are a Leeda (Blue Diamond), MAP, Lerc, Daiwa (Spectron) and a Sensas Power Match. These were all good poles in particular the Sensas however since owning the Spectron I have always wanted another Diawa pole as it was absolutely superb and a real quality piece of kit.

What I was looking for was one pole which I could use on all the rivers in Norfolk with big floats and fishing to hand which I really enjoy and also a pole being  capable of catching double figure Carp from venues like Barford, Topcroft and Cobbleacre. Therefore it needed to be light and rigid but also strong and with a good spares package. Researching the market for the budget I had it became clear the Daiwa G20 model was the one to go for.


I never got to use or look at it's predecessor the 'G8' but the reviews were all very positive and the G8 seems to have gone down as a classic pole so with the reviews and opinions on the G20 being even better I had no doubts that this was the one to go for.

The pole itself is a full 16mtrs with the main pole packing away into the 14.5mtr section which is handy. Visually the graphics are stunning and high quality looking especially the sections with the wording in silver. The finish on the sections is the world renowned Diamond Satin which works really well with the pole gliding through your hands wet or dry and also being grippy when needed.

I have genuinely caught hard fighting Carp to just shy of 17lbs and had the some really hard fighting bags of Carp on it and I can honestly say by using the power top 2 kits and a suitable hollow elastic the pole has managed these with ease. I’ve had a few scary times where I have foul hooked big Carp at venues like Shallowbrook and Barford and had the pole bent double but I have not had any breakages or cracks.

In addition using the pole for silver fish on rivers or stillwaters is a joy very light and rigid and the pole has a nice crisp action cutting through any wind if fishing to hand. The pole is incredibly light and rigid all the way to 14.5mtrs. As with all other poles it's at its heaviest at the full 16mtr length, I don't need to fish at this length to often but when I have its been manageable and with a spray bar no issues at all.


I would advise that anyone using one it is always worth checking the sections are nice and tightly put together. I have had a few times were the sections start to slip apart but I am always careful to ensure they are correctly aligned and put together well. To be fair to applies to all poles on the market. The wall thickness of the carbon is good and I am yet to find any weak spots.

Overall I cannot recommend this pole enough. If you have set a £1000 budget it is worth saving a little extra as there are deals to be had. In all honestly I have looked and sold many poles when I worked in the trade and you won’t find a better all round pole for less than £1500 in my opinion. There are lots of manufacturers who are totally over the top with all the hype and marketing I won't name them here but be very careful when parting with your hard earned money.

Daiwa do not change the pole models often (unlike some other brands) as they are UK built to last and will give years of great service. In addition spares are always available direct from Daiwa and dealers and they have again won the best tackle manufacturer award for customer service which when making a big purchase is re-assuring.


Finally, and I didn't realise this until Steve Ringer mentioned at the Angling Direct open day but all the top kits are interchangeable between Daiwa models which is a big selling point if you were to upgrade to a higher spec Daiwa pole which fingers crossed I will do one day although im in no rush at all at the moment. If you are interested it is worth looking at some poles as in shops as of course people have there own personal preferences.

All I will say to finish is that if you are looking for a reliable, quality and well balanced all round pole then for the money this is in my opinion best in class.

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