Wednesday Review – Korda Boom Loops

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Wednesday Review – Korda Boom Loops

Rig presentation is of paramount importance in the carp discipline, get in wrong and you could unknowingly be tangled or laying awkwardly over weed on the lake bed. Ease of use is also imperative, the quicker you can tie rigs, the more time you can spend fishing.

Boom Loops from Danny Fairbrass backed, Korda tick both boxes, assisting your carp fishing from Boom to bite. Available in pre-tied 5.5in and 7.5in lengths, Korda Boom is 25lb breaking strain fluorocarbon looped at one end and attached to a QC swivel at the other. Unlike regular fluorocarbon which has a habit of reflecting light under certain circumstances, Boom is finished with a carpy green tint which combats light reflection and results in the fluorocarbon being barely visible on the bottom, ensuring your rig remains undetected by the feeding carp.

The use of Korda Boom means tying a spinner, or Ronnie rig is now incredibly simple. Designed to be fished straight, the stiffness of Boom helps kick your hook bait away from your lead setup on every single cast, giving you peace of mind that your chosen rig is sitting pretty on the bottom. A major advantage to using Boom is that it is much thicker than regular fluorocarbon, so it is perfect for use in conjunction with Krimps, although not essential with the pre-tied Boom lengths. Korda have released new Krimps especially for use with Boom, the new copper Krimps hug the Boom perfectly and are more effective than the traditional brass Krimps.

The stiff yet lightweight Boom fluorocarbon works perfectly in conjunction with slow-sinking bottom baits and pop-ups and will undoubtedly help present your chosen hook bait impeccably during your next bankside session.

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