Cygnet Easylift Shoulder Weigh Bar

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Key Features

  • Greater accuracy when weighing big fish
  • 3/8 BSF accessory thread
  • For use with attachments
  • Such as the Cygnet Camera Adaptor
  • Lightweight carbon composite construction
  • Shrink wrap handles for grip on each end
  • And central section to stop scales sliding along the bar
  • Laser-etched logo end cap and Cygnet branding

If you’re into your carp fishing, you’ll be familiar with the possibility of blanking, sometimes the carp are few and far between and if you are lucky enough to ‘bank’ one, you will want to be certain of its weight.

A weigh bar is a good way to ensure greater accuracy when weighing your latest catch, placing the bar over your shoulder increases the scales stability and thus, improves the reading.

Simply lift one end of the weigh bar until your weigh sling is off the ground, or if you have a mate in the next swim, simply balance each end of the weigh bar on your shoulders and suspend your catch between the two of you.

Constructed from a lightweight carbon composite, the Cygnet Weigh Sling features a 3/8 BSF accessory thread for use with attachments, such as the Cygnet Camera Adaptor.

At either end is a shrink-wrap grip, furthering stability when you’re holding the weigh bar, or balancing it on your shoulder.

In the middle of the bar is a central section where the scales attach to the bar, combatting slip whilst weighing is in progress, again enhancing accuracy.

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