Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar 3 Rod

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Key Features

  • All the characteristics of Cygnets 20/20 Range
  • Slimmer, svelte profile with solid metal fittings
  • Matt black finish and Cygnet genes
  • Less, for once, is more
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Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar 3 Rod, 

For the modern carp angler, a three carp rod set up is the only way forward. Enabling you to target a wide area (if you fish splayed outwards) or really allowing you to hone in on a carpy bullseye, three rods maximise your chances of a take without overcrowding the water with rods, line, and terminal tackle. This is why Cygnet has ensures that its range of Minimal bankware incorporates a Three Rod Buzzer Bar. This Buzzer Bar has been designed to hold three of your top performing carp rods in the perfect position throughout your time on the bank, ensuring that you can sit back and relax whilst keeping a weather eye out over the water. The Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod has been modelled on the original Cygnet 20/20 range. This was a highly innovative range at the time of release, boasting high performance and good looking bankware which would be completely mixed and matched to create your dream setup. This new range of Minimal bankware is no different – only this time the rod support systems come in a slimmer and sleeker package.

The Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod is available in five sizes. Going and inch at a time, this moves from an 8.5 inch set up to a 12.5 inch setup. These and the intermediate sizes are all fixed, to ensure that you’re left with a sturdy and twist-free support system which can hold your rods in a precise position over the water. The smallest spread of bars is ideal for those scenarios when you want to fish in a compact formation and it would be particularly effective for angling to a key feature with precision and accuracy. The largest bars in the range is ideal for those scenarios when you want to maximise your spread over the water – enabling you to target a variety of locations within the same swim to make sure that all of your bases are covered. The intermediate spreads give you tonnes of options for a variety of carp fishing scenarios in between these two extremes.

As you would expect from a quality Cygnet product, the Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod has been manufactured from high quality materials. This ensures that the bars are strong and sturdy – designed to perfectly hold your rods out over the water in a range of weather conditions. With solid metal fittings, you can be confident that these bars will last you season after season on the bank and they are a top quality investment for your angling arsenal. They are also significantly slimmer than any other product to have come out of the Cygnet stable. This ensures that they look ultra-sleek on the bank, ensuring that fellow anglers stop and take note for all the right reasons. The bars have been finished in a modern matt black colour. This will perfectly complement any of your existing carp fishing rods and it gives you entire setup a classy appearance and a bespoke finish.

If you’re looking for a high quality set of three rod buzz bars then you need look no further. The Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod is the perfect option for you. Built on a less is more philosophy, this range aims to offer you quality products which not only express excellent value for money but also look great on the bank. Designed for the image conscious and style-wise angler, you’ll soon be seeing elements from the Cygnet Minimal bankware range on the banks up and down the country. 

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