Cygnet Pivot Arms

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Key Features

  • Double hinged fiberglass indicator arms
  • Designed to replace your chains or cords
  • Pivot Arms look incredible
  • Negate indicator swing and false indication in high winds
  • Dual Stainless hinges mean no loss of sensitivity
  • Light yet durable fiberglass shaft
  • Deploy them with confidence
  • Use on the lightest, most delicate indicator set-ups
  • Available in 3 and 6 lengths to cover all preferences
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Cygnet Pivot Arms, 

If you’re someone who likes to be out on the bank in a whole host of weather conditions then chances are you’ll be well versed in the kind of indication problems than can occur when you’re fishing in high winds. Even a light breeze can cause your indicators or bobbins to sway on your line, potentially giving you false readings and making it increasingly difficult to identify a take. This could cause you to miss out on the kind of nudges which indicate a fish is grubbing around your hookbait or it could means that you constantly have to recast and reposition your hook after you’ve responded to countless false indications. Both of these scenarios are less than desirable on the bank and neither will lead you towards angling success. Luckily, this is where the team at Cygnet has stepped in. The team were fed up of encountering these exact scenarios so decided to create a solution. The team wanted an indicator arm which prevented any kind of false lateral indication whilst still offering the same level of sensitivity as their classic chains and cords. These Pivot Arms were the result of months of testing and trial and Cygnet believes that they really will make all the difference to your windy angling.

The Cygnet Pivot Arms are constructed from fibreglass. This keeps the weight of the arms down to a minimum, ensuring that they will respond to the most gentle of taps and nudges in order to give you faultless indication. The arms have been finished with dual stainless hinges. Not only do these look great but they have been designed to ensure that you experience no loss in sensitivity. Durable and high-quality, these hinges prevent any lateral or sideways movement as a result of the wind, ensuring that the arm can raise or droop in response to the fish running towards or away from your carp rod tip. If you’re looking for an indicator arm which negates indicator swing as well as the potential for false indication in high winds then you need look no further; these Cygnet Pivot Arms are perfect for you.

Cygnet understands that adaptability and modification is key to all elements of angling and, as such, the brand has brought these Pivot Arms out in two different sizes. The smallest of these is the 3 inch version and the longest is the 6 inch. This allows you to adjust your arms depending on your needs on the bank, so you can swap in or out the different sizes depending on the conditions of the water and your angling style. Whether you’re fishing using an incredibly light and delicate setup or you are after a heavy duty setup, these Cygnet Pivot Arms will allow you to fish with confidence.

Cygnet was established in 1993 when Mick Nolan left his role as an engineer at the Ministry of Defence. Angling was his passion and he wanted to use his lifetime of engineering to improve the sport he loved – Cygnet Tackle was born. It was built on an ethos of quality combined with style and the entire product range has been designed to look good as well as to perform on the bank. Precision engineering is at the heart of each item of Cygnet tackle, from the seemingly simple banksticks through to these complex little Pivot Arms. If you’re looking for rod supports or indicators to revolutionise your carp fishing then you need look no further. 

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