Daiwa D Trout Fly Rod

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Key Features

  • Medium fast action blanks
  • Four piece construction
  • Low glare matt tape finish
  • Improved weight and crisper action
  • Aluminium oxide stripper guides
  • Cork handle
  • Matt black aluminium reel seat
  • Hook keeper
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DTF10074-BU Model: S4, Type: Reservoir, Length: 10ft, AFTM: #7, Sections: 4
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DTF8044-BU Model: S4, Type: River/Stream, Length: 8ft, AFTM: #4, Sections: 4
Out of stock
DTF9674-BU Model: S4, Type: Stillwater, Length: 9ft6, AFTM: #7, Sections: 4
Out of stock
DTF8654-BU Model: S4, Type: River/Stream, Length: 8ft6, AFTM: #5, Sections: 4
Out of stock
DTF9676-BU Model: S6, Type: Stillwater, Length: 9ft6, AFTM: #7, Sections: 6
Out of stock
DTF9064-BU Model: S4, Type: River/Stillwater, Length: 9ft, AFTM: #6, Sections: 4
Out of stock

Tell Me About It

Fly fishing relies on a rod that is “just fast enough”; you need a bit of speed, but the main impact is going to come from the skill of your cast, which is often sharp, rather than swift – an action which can be thrown off if your rod blank is too responsive.

With their D series Trout Fly Rod, Daiwa have achieved a medium fast blank which gives you the right pace, without interfering with the arc of your cast, while a low-glare matte tape finish gives a subtle silhouette, which won’t spook your quarry. Backed up by crisp action on a rod that’s perfectly balanced for the optimal strike, a hook keeper ring allows you to stalk your fish along densely planted banks without worrying about getting tangled up in overhead tree branches, while a full cork handle gives a smart, traditional, timeless look.

The Daiwa D Series is a range of discipline-specific rods that perfectly tailor Daiwa’s impressive technology for your fishing style and venue, giving you the option of buying exactly the right rod for you.

What Discipline Is It For?

Designed and engineered to bring contemporary performance to the very traditional, quintessentially British sport of fly fishing, the Daiwa D Trout Fly Rod is perfect for anglers who like to keep things slow, steady, and traditional.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking to explore fly fishing, then the Daiwa D Trout Rod offers affordable entry to what can be a very enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding discipline.  For anyone who is into British values, the patience, skill, and etiquette of fly fishing is the perfect activity to express those values, and experience the full wonder of the world around you.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

What really makes this rod is Daiwa’s understanding of exactly how the action should feel when you’re fly fishing. If you really want to experience the sport to its fullest, this rod comes close to giving you the same impressions that the first fly fishermen had, along with the modern performance today’s anglers expect.

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