Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

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Key Features

  • Twin line clips
  • ABS Aluminium Spool (high diameter)
  • CastLock Mechanism prevents accidental bail closure
  • Twist Buster
  • Super Auto Cast II system for easy line pick up
  • 4 Ball Bearings including 1 "CRBB"
  • Folding Handle
  • Worm Shaft Oscillation Mechanism

Spod baiting is an ideal way to attract wary carp, and is particularly effective at crowded commercial venues, where the carp are more suspicious of bait presented close to the bank, and so tend to feed farther out.  A spod rocket enables you to quickly and easily deliver a large amount of free bait across the whole area of your swim, encouraging the carp to relax and feed in the margins, then slowly drawing them towards your set up as they become more complacent with the bait.  On a densely packed bankside, which is often a feature of commercial venues when the sun’s out, spod feeding gives you that slight advantage over the competition.  This makes it a must in competitive match angling, which focuses attention on the method of delivery.

You really want to avoid presenting spod bait from a standard rod and reel set up.  Spod rockets are heavier than traditional feeder methods, and, particularly if you’re having to cast them quite a way out, can cause damage to tackle, and result in lost spods.

The Emblem is a quality, high torque spod reel, with all the precision performance anglers of all disciplines have come to expect from the Daiwa brand. Featuring an oversized ABS, with Daiwa’s patented tapered spool system, this reel ensures your line goes out crisp and clean, avoiding kinks, cones, and tangles, ensuring a smooth, effortless delivery and return.

When you’re chasing carp, the last thing you want to do is startle them.  The Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel features large twin line clips, which take the smack out of the cast, ensuring your spod hits the water with the least amount of disturbance possible, ensuring that the carp remain relaxed, and, more importantly, remain in your swim – because there’s nothing worse than delivering the perfect bait, only for an over-heavy cast to send the fish heading off in the opposite direction to your line! With this reel, your spod should barely cause a ripple on the water, keeping the carp happy, and increasing your chances of going home with a smile from a successful session.

Featuring four ball bearings, including one corrosion-resistant ball bearing, this reel is designed to offer smooth, durable, long-term performance no matter how frequently you fish, and in what conditions.

With several product-enhancing features, this reel is everything that the Daiwa name has come to stand for in the angling world.  The Super Auto Cast II system allows for easy line pick up, while the CastLock system prevents accidental bail closure, making spod baiting effortless for even the most novice carp angler.

Described as “an animal on the rod”, this is a solid piece of kit with a lot of weight behind it, giving you the reassurance that it can easily handle any size of spod you might care to present.  This reel could, with some additional after-session care, be used for sea fishing, which typically demands more of both rod and reel.  The after care is important if you do use it for sea fishing, as saltwater is highly corrosive and damaging to fishing gear.

With the classic, understated design that exudes Daiwa from every angle, this is a reel that looks good and performs better, and gives you the extra edge that can make all the difference in carp angling. If you’re looking for classic design and unrivalled performance, look no further than the Daiwa Emblem, and watch your spod baiting game ramp up, and deliver you great results, and potentially a new personal best.  Pair the Emblem reel with a Daiwa spod rod for the best chance of bringing in the best fish in the swim.


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