Daiwa Gekkabijin Rods

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Key Features

  • Authentic Gekkabijin Design
  • Highly comfortable original reel seat locates reel closer to the hand
  • Megatop carbon solid tip on ULS
  • Carbon tubular tip MLT
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GK83MLT/831000 Daiwa Gekkabijin Rod, Length: 8FT3
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GK76ULS/830966 Daiwa Gekkabijin Rod, Length: 7FT6
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GK70ULS/830942 Daiwa Gekkabijin Rod, Length: 7FT
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Daiwa Gekkabijin Rods

Gekkabijin is the name of a delicate Asian flower. Known as the Night Queen in English, the Gekkabijin lies dormant for most of the year and only blooms on a single night. This makes it the perfect flower to lend its name to this tackle series, as Daiwa’s Gekkabijin series is an exercise in tackle finesse. This rod is the latest to join the impressive series, which already boasts a range of reels. This rod has been designed for the light rock fishing community and together with the Gekkabijin MK reel it forms a perfect light rock fishing pairing. Light rock fishing in an extremely accessible form of lure sea fishing which allows anglers to tackle the smaller saltwater predators that reside in the rock pools around the coastline. This is an extremely rewarding sport with a high catch rate and it has already been making huge waves in the both Japanese and Australian fishing communities.

These rods are exceptionally light, affording you the kind of delicacy that you require when you’re light rock fishing. Enabling you to detect the subtlest of takes from the smallest of fish, these rods have been set up to allow you to precisely cast light-weight lures softly. However, you mustn’t let this gentle appearance fool you as the rod is more than capable of tackling a hard fighting opponent when you need it to.

This rod is available in two sizes. The shorter of the two is 7ft in length and offers an ultra-light action. Built with a super fine solid carbon tip, the rod has an extra fast taper that allows you to cast lightweight lures with ease. Ideal for small rock pool fishing, the grip on this rod has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t shake the rod tip unnecessarily. The larger of the two sizes is 7ft 6” in length, making it the ideal size for all-round light rock fishing. It also boasts a super fine solid carbon tip and an extra fast taper, giving you a sharp casting action and allowing fish to bite lures without hesitation.

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