Daiwa Match Winner Pole

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Key Features

  • Pole Length: 14.4m
  • Weight: 1060g
  • Recommended max elastic: 16 (20)
  • Ideal for open water and close range work on commercials
  • Capable of handling big fish &responsive enough for mixed species
  • Compatibility with all current UK made poles
  • MSG Multi Strand Graphite
  • Diamond Satin slide easy finish on 8, 9 and 10
  • ITS taping on 5, 6 &7
  • 1 x Match top threes
  • 3 x Interlastic power kits (BBPK1 + Interlastic No.3 section)
  • Tournament Cupping Kit
  • Daiwa Holdall

Daiwa Match Winner Pole

There is nothing quite like the feeling of winning a hard fought match and with Daiwa’s Match Winner range you can ensure that you experiencing that feeling more often than most! The Daiwa Match Winner Pole has been designed with the dedicated match angler in mind and it is the perfect tool for competing in matches up and down the country. The pole is manufactured from multi-strand graphite. This is an incredibly strong and sturdy material which offers exceptional rigidity. If you’re an angler who likes to target big fish when you’re making up the weight in your match fishing then this is the ideal pole for you! Not only can it handle big fish with ease but it is also responsive enough for mixed species work. This means that you are never at risk of fishing yourself into a corner and you’ll always have the versatility to target a wide range of fish during your match fishing session. A responsive pole such as this means that you never have to miss a bite, no matter what is on the end of your terminal tackle.

The Daiwa Match Winner Pole offers a diamond satin finish on sections eight, nine, and 10. This is an easy-slide finish which ensures that shipping your pole in and out is incredibly easy. In fact, this pole will almost feel an extension of your own arm over the water and it boasts ITS taping on the fifth, sixth, and seventh sections, too. The pole is 14.4m in length. This ensures that the Daiwa Match Winner Pole is the ultimate all-rounder on the water and it is as at home on the open water as it is doing close range work on commercial venues up and down the country. With the Match Winner Pole you can be as versatile as you like and no area of the water is out of bounds. At its full length, the pole only tips the scales at a mere 1060g. This is perfect, as it ensures that the pole is strong enough to cope with larger species whilst also ensuring that your arm isn’t aching after only a short time at the bank.

The Daiwa Match Winner Pole comes with five different kit options, ensuring that you can be ready to tackle the water no matter what venue you’re at. One of these kits is a match top three kit. This is ideal for the match angler and it is the perfect all round match fishing tool. The remaining four kits are interlastic power kits, which are BBPK1 with an interlastic number three sections. This gives you the versatility to modify your set up to ensure that you’ve got options coming out of your ears. As an added bonus, this Daiwa Match Winner Pole is also supplied with a tournament cupping kit, which is Daiwa’s specially designed kit that is perfect for delivering freebie bait to your peg.

The Daiwa Match Winner Pole even comes supplied in its own dedicated pole holdall. This ensures that you’ll never have a problem transporting your gear down to the bank and this holdall is incredibly spacious – perfect for the storage of all your gear. As a final feature, this Daiwa Match Winner Pole is compatible with Daiwa’s entire range of UK made poles. This means that sourcing spares is incredibly easy and you can mix and match sections of this pole with other UK made Daiwa poles in order to create your ultimate pole package. The vast majority of Daiwa’s poles sold in the UK are manufactured right here in the largest factory outside of the Far East, but please do check your own pole prior to purchase.

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