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Daiwa Prorex Folding Boat Net

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Key Features

  • Can be folded easily for transportation and storage
  • 100-160cm telescopic handle, designed to be distortion-proof
  • 70cm measure is engraved on the handle
  • Made of thicker aluminium to ensure maximum robustness
  • Equipped with a special silicone coating that doesn't absorb odour
  • Softer and lighter than common nets
  • Minimises the tangling of terminal tackle
  • Hand loop on EVA handle grip for added security and comfort
  • Available in two sizes: 70cm x 60cm or 80cm x 70cm
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Daiwa Prorex Folding Boat Net

Choosing a landing net is not simply a case of making sure you can get the fish out of the water. With fish care an increasingly high priority, many nets now come with features that have been designed with care in mind as well as with a range of features to make your angling life easier, too. Step forward the Daiwa Prorex Folding Boat Net! It’s ideal for landing large predators from a boat.

Many nets that have more traditional designs use abrasive materials that can remove the protective mucous that surrounds a lot of species, leading to scale damage when landing them. The Daiwa Prorex Folding Boat Net has a soft knotless mesh coated with a special silicone which promises to be kinder to your catch than naked mesh and rubber coatings as well as minimising terminal tackle tangles.

A silicone coating has other benefits, too. Few anglers fail to complain about the smell that can affect their netting. This is because bacteria and debris can get lodged deep in the net fabric, making its removal a very tough task indeed. With its weave contained within a silicone skin, this net presents no such problems – it cleans up very well and dries rapidly, leaving next to no odour at all. Because you can achieve a better standard of cleanliness with less effort, this net could help reduce the transfer of disease and contamination from place to place, too.

This folding boat net has an excellent balance between weight and usability. The head and handle are made from corrosion-resistant aluminium that is light and strong while still being thicker and stronger than that used in many other nets of its class. The head itself folds together, making it highly portable and easy to store. This feature is also very useful when handling larger and more feisty specimens, which can often wriggle and leap their way out. To prevent this, you only have to collapse the head with a fish in the net and the danger of escape is greatly reduced.

The handle of this net is telescopic, helping with storage and transit, but this feature is also designed to be distortion-proof – you won’t be making a compromise between strength and ease of transport. As with other predator nets in the Prorex range, this one comes with a 70cm measure engraved on the handle itself for easy size reckoning in a competition situation. For comfort and security, the handle is finished with an EVA grip and a hand loop. For style and good looks, the head has attractive purple highlighting.

The Daiwa Prorex Folding Boat Net is a big net for handling the larger species of predator fish and it comes in two sizes. The medium version has a 70cm x 60cm head, with a net depth of 55cm. The larger one has a head size of 80cm x 70cm and a slightly deeper 60cm net. The handles of both versions extend from 100cm to 160cm, giving you plenty of reach if you require it.

The Daiwa Prorex range of predator angling tackle will help you fish for large, hard-fighting predator species in environments that demand reliable gear. It includes rods, reels, and lures. Daiwa draws on over fifty years of experience gained by leading the global advancement of angling as a sport and applies it to help you fish better. Angling Direct is the leading stockist of Daiwa tackle and we’re often able to bring you special deals, so it pays to visit us regularly.

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