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Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Reel

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Key Features

  • Aluminium one piece frame and side plate
  • Protective anodized finish
  • UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Dual position power handle
  • Centrifugal anti-backlash control
  • Spool ratchet
  • CRBB bearings
  • Powerful high strength alloy gears
  • Machined aluminium spool
Grouped product items
Model Item name
STTBG20H Size: 20
STTBG40H Size: 40
STTBG30H Size: 30
Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Reel, The first thing you’ll notice about this Daiwa Saltist Black Gold is its stunning cosmetics. With a pitch black reel body contrasting with a technicolour burnt gold spool and handle, this is a reel that will certainly make you stand out on the coast and it will look stunning on any sea fishing rod. Built on the frame of the original, and now legendary, Saltist reel, the new Saltist Black Gold offers a number of new innovative features that really set it apart from the rest. Firstly the finish of the reel has been newly improved and anodised to add increased durability to the reel. On a purely cosmetic level this also reduces the risk of corrosion damage due to saltwater, maintaining the stunning appearance of the reel for longer. The reel has been fitted with a tough centrifugal braking system. This makes distance casting pleasurable and the Saltist Black Gold is the ideal reel for rough ground work as well as uptide fishing. This braking system has also been fitted with anti-backlash control, aiding on particularly aggressive casts. The reel is serviced by Daiwa’s incredible UTD. This stands for Ultimate Tournament Drag and it really it is the ultimate sea fishing reel drag system going. Exceptionally smooth this drag system makes even the most aggressive of takes a pleasure to play and, when push comes to shove, its prescience could make the difference between a landed catch and a missed opportunity. CRBB (corrosion resistant ball bearings) at play in the reel also do their bit to ensure the performance of the reel is smooth and effortless throughout the lifespan of the reel. The dual position handle on the reel allows you to precision adjust the reel set up to your own exacting standards – ideal for the angler who likes to have full control over the reel setup. If you’re looking for a top performing sea fishing reel for uptide and rough ground work then you need look no further than the Daiwa Saltist Black Gold.
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