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Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR3

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Key Features

  • As used in the Korda Masterclass DVD
  • Basia Reel Satin Grey Body
  • Black Spool
  • Black Line Clip Collar
  • Black HIP Line Clip (no holes)
  • Matt Back + Dark Dots Drag Knob
  • Black + Black Holder Bail Assembly
  • Black Basia Style Handle Assembly
  • Wooden Handle Knob
  • Black Handle Screw
  • Black Rear Cover Shield
  • Black Rear Cover
Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR3, With a design based on the classic distance casting Basia QD, this customised Tournament DCR3 reel offers you an improved Quick Drag system that allows you to further fine tune this already impressive reel to perfectly complement your angling style. With three finger-tip contact points, you can easily and precisely switch between a free running set up and fast front drag application. Featuring the classic Basia handle, constructed from machine cut aluminium and finished with traditional wooden knob, this reel is understated and refined. The unique satin grey body is topped with sleek black 45mm spool and fittings, giving this reel a dark and serious appearance that is perfect for the dedicated modern angler. The DCR3 has already been taking the angling world by storm and you may well recognise its brooding form from Korda’s Masterclass DVD. If you like the look of it there, you’ll love the way it performs in your own hands. We’re able to offer you an exclusive discount on this fantastic product so why not make the most of this incredible deal and pick up a revolutionary reel that looks set to change your angling life forever? As with all the reels in the Daiwa Custom Revolution range, technology such as AirBail (Daiwa’s patented tubular bail handle that directly leads the line to the line roller) and TwistBuster (a patented line roller design that eliminates line twist) is fitted as standard. The black line clip has no holes and is fitted with HIP (High Impact Protection) technology that aid line entry and reduces backlash from excessive shock. This is complemented by the line clip collar. Almost entirely hidden from view, this clip collar performs an important job in reducing friction wear and cushioning the braid or line as it hits the clip. With features like these, it’s clear to see why the Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR3 is considered a truly outstanding reel. Reel Body – Satin Grey The magnesium alloy body and the rotor form the foundation of your reels look. Try out both as you can adjust your design at any time. Spool – Black With a 45mm stroke the long distance casting Basia delivers a distinct profile. The choice of spools offers some fabulous machined touches to set off your reels look. Line Clip Collar - Black Almost hidden from view the line clip collar, made from durable Polyacetal (POM), is highly resistant to friction but performs an important cushioning on braids and lines when ‘hitting the clip’. HIP Line Clip – Black (no holes) HIP stands for High Impact Protection. The clip is spring loaded to allow easy line entry and added shock absorbance. Drag Knob - Black + Dark Dots The QD drag knob offers three contact points allowing for fingertip adjustment and fine tuning of the Quick Drag function. Bail Assembly – Black + Black Holder Featuring the seamless AirBail and original Twistbuster, your colour choice also changes the arm and opposite holder. Handle Assembly – Black (Basia Style) Each handle assembly is machine cut aluminium with a high quality colour finish. The ‘wishbone’ version, originally from the Basiair is highly favoured. Handle Knob – Wooden The classic wooden version comes fixed to the black Basia handle however three remaining options are compatible with the other handle assembly’s. Handle Knob Cap Available for the T shape soft touch and EVA knobs. These caps allow you to fine tune the final look of the handle. Please also note that no Knob Cap selection is available for the wooden handle combination. Handle Screw - Black Designed to protect and give access to the handle locking screw. Three choices let you ‘coordinate’ or ‘stand out’ your reels look. Rear Cover Shield - Black Sealing between the rear cover and body this shield also provides a classy accent of red or a less noticeable black. Rear Cover - Black This is your chance to go for bold or blend in. Make your choice to give your Basia a stand out rear!
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