Delkim SlimLite Indication Set

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Key Features

  • Fits any Plus range alarm
  • Moulded in special high visabiity light dispersing opalised material
  • Flashing, Latching &Night Marking
  • No Betalights needed
  • No batteries required
  • Connects to Delkim Plus Bite alarm NiteLite socket
  • Dual position magnetic line clip
  • Self adjusting and non-twist
  • Stays on the line until the strike
  • Smooth strike release
  • No snatching or potential over tightening
  • Ieal for slack lining
  • CatFlex2 cable assembly
  • Hangs and flexes like a chain
  • Use free hanging or attached to slimcarb
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DP090 Colour: Red LED
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DP094 Colour: White LED
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DP091 Colour: Green LED
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DP092 Colour: Yellow LED
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DP095 Colour: Purple LED
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Delkim is best known for renovating the bite alarms that carp and specialist anglers know and love today. Founded in the 1970s, Delkim’s ethos is to produce innovative and revolutionary tackle to anglers across the globe.

After an intensive design and field testing programme, the SlimLite Indication Set is one of the most technically advanced visual indication systems available to carp and specialist anglers.  The set fits any Plus range alarm from Delkim and requires no batteries or beta lights as it connects straight to Delkim Plus Bite alarm NiteLite sockets.

Sporting a lightweight, illuminated bobbin that can be used in the windy conditions, the Delkim SlimLite Indication Set includes the SlimLite Illuminating Hanger, C-Slot drag weights and the SlimCarb Hanger Stabiliser. The set is designed to be used together in all conditions but still allowing the SlimLite to be used solely as a hanger if required. To assist with line stability, the bobbin has a two-position line clip. The first being a free-running position when pulled downwards, you achieve the second line clip position, the silicone position. Basically, slack line or conventional is achievable with this indication set.

You can use the set as free hanging or attached to the Tilt N Slide SlimCarb stabiliser that allows the bobbin to travel up and down the arm but not side to side in the wind. This assists the non-twist action of the line when the bite alarms scream. No false bleeps here. Adding drag weights help fight against the windy conditions too and are also useful when targeting larger species.

The weight of the bobbins is roughly 5g, but you can add the additional weights that come with this indication set. Delkim has included 3g, 5g and 10g weights that you simply screw onto the bottom of the bobbin.

The bobbin indicator is white in colour without any LED activated and so when using throughout the day without lights on you will be able to spot your moving white bobbin no matter the weather conditions or terrain. Of course, lighting is available too through the SlimLite feature of the set. The SlimLite is available in all six LED colours, of yellow, white, red, blue, green and purple, you can choose a hanger of your preference. These colours replicate all LED functions of the Delkim alarms, including continuous Night Marking, with that soft glow that does not spook the fish, as well as, flashing and latching settings.

Ideal for slacklining, the super-light, wind resilient SlimLite Indication Set offers an extremely versatile, robust bobbin package.


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