Drennan Loaded Crystal Waggler

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Key Features

  • Ideal for shallow or clear water
  • Where the fish can be float shy
  • Just as buoyant as peacock quill
  • Consistent, accurate, cast well and fish well
  • Designed to be attached bottom-end only
  • Can be used for all manner of species
  • Casts like a dream
  • 1.0g +1.5BB
  • 1.5g +1.5BB
  • 2.0g +1.5BB
  • 2.5g +1.5BB
  • 3.0g +1.5BB
Grouped product items
Model Item name
FLCW250 Weight: 2.5g
FLCW100 Weight: 1.0g
FLCW300 Weight: 3.0g
FLCW150 Weight: 1.5g
FLCW200 Weight: 2.0g

Drennan Loaded Crystal Waggler are from a large family of straight-tubed models that offer an ideal blend between float shyness and casting accuracy. They're just as buoyant as peacock quills so you won't have any problems catching those fish who prefer not to be caught on your line!

The floats come with different capacities printed onto them depending on what type or depth you'll mostly encounter when fishing for them (1/4oz maximum loading per weight).

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