Drennan Specialist Landing Net

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Key Features

  • 32 (81cm) and 36 (91cm) sizes
  • High modulus carbon arms
  • Lightweight spreader block with stainless steel screw fitting
  • Olive green hexagonal mesh
  • Ideal for specimen tench, bream, chub and barbel
  • Perfect companion to our Super Specialist Twistlock Handles
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TNLST032 Size: 32inch
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TNLST036 Size: 36inch
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Drennan Specialist Landing Net

If you’re a specialist angler who likes to target specimen tench, bream, chub, and barbel, then you’ll love the Drennan Specialist Landing Net. This net can also comfortably accommodate smaller carp, too, and is available with either 32 inch arms or 36 inch arms. The smaller net option has a 27 inch gape and boasts 8mm mesh, insuring that is offers the appropriate fish care for the smaller species that you’ll encounter whilst specialist fishing, whereas the larger net has a 31 inch gape and 10mm mesh. Both nets have been designed to ensure that you’re able to scoop quickly and accurately, causing minimal distress to your catch and a stress-free landing for you. What’s more, the larger net has been designed for river captures and the net offers excellent water flow. Both nets boast high-modulus carbon arms, a material which ensures their rigidity and strength even under the pressure of a weighty personal best capture.

Both net sizes can be fixed firmly to your handle of choice via the use of a lightweight olive green spreader block. This is manufactured form super strong plastic and comes with a stainless steel screw fitting. It is completely compatible with both the Drennan Super Specialist Twistlock and Drennan Compact Twistlock handles, menaing that you can construct this net to suit your needs entirely.

Drennan has been producing world class fishing tackle ever since Peter Drennan first began producing floats in his mothers garage, way back in 1967. The brand has grown exponentially since, but still runs on the same three requirements as it did back when the brand first began. Firstly, the product must showcase great value for money. Secondly, it must be easy to use. Finally, it must help you catch more fish. The Drennan Specialist Landing Net certainly meets all three of these requirements and is a great addition to any anglers collection.

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