Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Durable Hookers

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Key Features

  • Innovative new pellet technology
  • Packed with water soluble food attractants
  • Great for the feeder, pole or waggler
  • Ultra-durable
  • Hook direct or on the hair
  • Great for commercial match fishing
  • As well as pleasure and river fishing
  • Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm
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Dynamite Baits is one of Europe’s largest bait company, suitable for carp, match and predator anglers. Dynamite source hundreds of boilies, dumbells, pellets, ground baits, particles, hook baits, liquids, stick mixes and pastes to mix and match. Dynamite Baits produce all their bait in Nottingham, so despite their international appeal they truly are a British company. The company specialises in boilie production and has a full range of flavours, available in kilo bags, in pop-up form, and as a base mix kit so you can create your own. The ingredients include many trademarked components that have been researched and developed by Dynamite to create a completely unique flavour and texture that carp love. With Dynamite’s products can be certainly be ensured to create the perfect bait.

Dynamite’s Marine Halibut Durable Hookers have high oil flavours which are ideal for commercial, specimen, match or pleasure anglers. Alternatively, you could use these baits for pleasure fishing on the river. The bait is packed with water-soluble food attractants in addition to the oil which allows for the marine halibut flavour to be carried in the water, attracting nearby fish to take a bite.

These are certainly durable Hookers, featuring ultra-durable qualities for when hooking and casting. The bait is not going to suddenly crumble off your hook. Just simply attach directly on the hook. Alternatively, the bait is ideal for hair-rigging so you can let the bait sit just underneath the hook with more freedom to move with the currents whilst in the waters.

There are three sizes available, all of which complement the range of pellets, pop-ups, groundbait and boilies that have proved fantastic in rivers across the world. You can choose from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm in size. The bigger in the range ideal for larger gamefish, the little 4mm bait is good for aiming for lighter fish. All sizes are great for the feeder, pole or waggle rig setups.

These baits are like no other. Dynamite has used innovative pellet technology to create these hookers, making then stronger, smellier and so more attractive to those carps. Dynamite makes this bait on their site in the UK and keeps the process exclusive. These baits come in a little tub that helps to keep them sealed and fresh.

So for a strong, effective bait at an affordable price, look into the Dynamite Durable Hookers.

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