ESP Carp Controller

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Key Features

  • Ultra light, buoyant body
  • Special fluted shape for stability in flight &water
  • Aerodynamic bomb weight for distance casting
  • Far more durable than balsa or foam
  • Semi-transparent, non-reflective finish
  • Available in 5g 10g &15g
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ETCN015 ESP Controller, Size: 15g
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ETCN010 ESP Controller, Weight: 10g
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ETCN005 ESP Controller, Weight: 5g
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ESP Carp Controller, A thoughtfully designed float controller from ESP that moves the concept into a new era. What do you want from a float controller when the target is surface feeding carp? Enough weight to enable you to cast a light bait such as a single Chum Mixer? Easily visible when fishing at range? Unobtrusive so that it doesn't spook wary carp? There are one or two controllers on the market that come quite close to offering that specification, but none that really make it like the ESP Carp Controller. ESP Carp Controllers feature a blow-moulded body with a matt, spark finished surface, thus eliminating the risk of glint or reflection. They also have a muted green colouration and a fluted body which helps greatly when mending the line in that movement of the controller is kept to a minimum. This 'grip' also helps in the bolt effect when a carp takes the bait. The body is aerodynamically shaped to aid long range casting when required, and the bright fluorescent orange cap makes it easily visible at range. This bright orange can be covered easily with another, more discreet, colour, if it's thought necessary.

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