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ESP Cool Bag

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Key Features

  • Available in two sizes
  • Fully Insulated
  • Foil lined
  • Detachable shoulder strap (only in the large model)
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LUECB016 ESP Coolbag, Weight: 16L
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LUECB032 ESP Coolbag, Weight: 32L
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ESP Cool Bag

If you’re looking for a cool bag which has been tried, tested, and approved by some of the biggest names in carp angling, then you need look no further. This Cool Bag is a best seller for ESP and it has been revolutionising bait transportation for the passionate carp angler for a number of years. It’s so good that you won’t see the likes of Terry Hearn and Dave Ellyat on the bank without it!

The ESP Cool Bag is available in two sizes. The smaller of these is 35cm x 23cm x 20cm and it can hold up to 16l of bait, food, and liquid. This makes it the ideal choice for the mobile day session angler and this bag has been purpose designed for the angler who likes to travel light. It can comfortably hold all the food, drink, and bait that you need to sustain you and your quarry over a short day session. The larger of the two ESP Cool Bags is 42cm x 32cm x 24cm. This equates to 32l, so it can hold double the quantity of bait, food, and drink as the smaller version. The large ESP Cool Bag is perfect for longer session, when you’re going to be spending a couple of nights the bank.

Both of the bags in the range have been manufactured from Cordura. This is a dedicated material which you’ll see features heavily throughout ESP’s luggage range, due to its durability and dependability. Cordura is exceptionally hardwearing, making it the perfect outer material to use on a bag which is going to get continually used and abused on and off the bank. However, where the real magic happens is when you get past this first layer of fabric. The entire bag has been fully insulated. This ensures that all the cold air is trapped inside the bag and the warm air is locked outside of the bag – preserving the temperature inside the bag for the longest period of time possible. The inner lining of the bag has been constructed from foil. Foil fabric is used throughout heat preservation devices as it reflects heat rays back at their source. This means that if you’re storing warm items in the bag it will reflect the warm rays back at it. Similarly, if you’re storing cold bait, water, or other items in the cool bag, the foil lining will reflect the cool rays back in towards the bag. This ensures that the contents of the bag stay cold for an extended period of time, which is ideal for a long session on the bank in the heat of summer.

Both of the ESP Cool Bags feature an additional front pocket. This pocket is the perfect place for storing rig wallets, small tackle boxes, and other terminal tackle items. This keeps all your gear neatly in one place, which is perfect for the mobile angler who needs to pack up and go quickly, as well as the longer session angler who likes to keep all their tackle items organised on the bank. Both bags also feature neat carry handles. These ensure the easy manoeuvring of the bag on the bank and in your boot. The ESP Cool Bags also come with a shoulder strap, for hands free transportation. This strap is detachable on the larger edition of the bag, via the use of a classic clip.

Whether you’re a short session angler or you prefer to target the water for longer periods of time, this ESP Cool Bag is the perfect addition to your carp fishing luggage collection.

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