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The ESP carp brand was launched in early 1999 and has enjoyed an avid following from day one.  Prior to the brand launch a number of different names were kicked around, but it was actually an off the cuff remark from Terry Hearn, a long time consultant for the brand, which inspired the final name. The initials literally stand for Extra Sensory Perception – or ‘sixth sense’. Terry suggested that he caught so many big and difficult to catch carp that he must have some sort of extra sensory perception. The name stuck and ESP was born!

The brand initially specialised in terminal tackle but it has since branched out into top quality specification made rods, clothing, and luggage. Amongst the first range of terminal tackle were two hook patterns, the T-6 and the G-4. These designs took the carp world by storm as they were the first carp hooks to feature ultra-fine needle points which were so much sharper than anything previously available. The T-6 and G-6 were designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn, who recognised that an ultra-sharp hook was the most important component when it came to targeting some of the most highly pressured and rig shy big carp in the country.

The legendary Stiff Rigger hook pattern, specifically designed to be fished on Terry’s hinged stiff rig, quickly followed. The hinged stiff rig soon evolved into the chod rig, and both of these presentations are still just as deadly today as they were fifteen years ago.

In 2001, just two years after the brands birth, the Big-T hook pattern was launched. This was the first mainstream carp hook to feature a super slick PTFE coating and set a standard which the rest of the industry followed, continuing on with their trend of innovation.

Every product in the ESP range is made to specification, nothing is brought ‘off the shelf’. In house CAD (computer aided design) engineers work alongside their dedicated angling experts on designing and perfecting new products. ESP has its own plastics factory where all our moulded components are made to strict standards using a wide variety of different polymers. All its mould tools are made in the UK to ensure the best possible quality.

The same goes for their wide range of ready tied rigs and leaders, which are all tied on site in their factory by highly trained staff to ensure consistent, excellent quality.

All new products are thoroughly field tested by their team of dedicated consulting anglers and adjusted where necessary to ensure the final product is as perfect as possible. Over the years this has helped make the product range one of the most widely used and respected in the tackle industry.

New products are constantly being worked on, so the fish can never become too accustomed too one rig, and there are exciting new releases each season.

On the ESP website, you can find a selection of ‘tea break tips’. These tips feature video demonstrations of their newest products, and include insights from some of their top anglers. There’s also a regularly updated blog on the front page of the website, which keeps you up to date with all the latest carping news and products.

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