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ESP Nylon Rod Sleeve

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Key Features

  • Tough 240D nylon
  • Provides protection for rods without bulk or weight
  • Will accommodate 50mm ringing
  • Drawstring closure below reel
  • Elasticated padded rod sock for extra protection
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Model Item name
LUENRS013 Length: 13ft
LUENRS012 Length: 12ft

ESP Nylon Rod Sleeve, 

For those anglers who like to keep their rods in a safe condition even when not in use, you simply need look no further. Perfectly suited to catering for the angler that likes to travel light, whilst being sure of their tackle being nice and secure, this ESP rod sleeve will deliver on carrying your go to rod without adding any trouble to you at all!

Made from 240D nylon, which is light but tough, these sleeves are available in two lengths for 12ft rods and for rods up to 13ft. The 13ft version is perfect for the 12ft 9inch Terry Hearn Carp Rods! The 240D nylon is perfect for giving that level of protection that your rods deserve, delivering a nice secure enveloping sleeve of protection for them. It’s important to note that the design of this specific rod sleeve does not add any extra weight, so you can say light and therefore have a much more enjoyable angling experience when you get to the bank!

These sleeves will accommodate 50mm ringing comfortably. The sleeve simply slips over the broken down rod and the draw cord tightens around the reel section of the sleeve, giving you an effective, simple system that carries your rod without adding to the weight. An excellent feature which has not been incorporated into a rod sleeve before is the elasticated tip protector connected to the sleeve. This simply pulls over the tip and butt, providing extra protection to the tip section. All of this shows the ESP Nylon Rod Sleeve to be a compact, effective little addition to your tackle, one that’s sure to wow you with its results! Also featured is an elasticated padded rodsock for that extra level of protection, so you can have that extra level of comfort with trusting your rods to this sleeve. With this considered in conjunction with the 240D nylon fabric that the sleeve is made out of, you’ll be certain that you’ve made the right choice for protecting your rods! Conventional rod sleeves often attempt to protect their rods by adding in padded sleeves or padding areas around sleeves. With the ESP Nylon Rod Sleeve’s design, there is still the same level of protection provided, without the additional bulk and weight of any conventional padding, so you’re not going to be straining with this in your barrow! The lack of padding bulk is also an especially useful feature, as it means that this is a simplistic yet effective means of carrying your rods without risking any strain on the part of the owner.

This sleeve has been made to be perfectly compatible with the ESP Quivers, to allow you to enjoy easy and effect tackle transportation. Providing a good layer of protection whilst keeping the weight as light as it can without adding any weight, the ESP Nylon Rod Sleeve is ideal for the angler that likes to keep mobile but still have that level of security which makes all the difference. This makes the rod sleeve as ideal for the mobile and roving carp angler as it does for the stalking big specimen hunter. It is also an ideal rod protection option for the match angler who likes to bring a rod option as well as a pole down to the bank, but who doesn’t want to suffer through the bulk of an additional holdall.

ESP is a brand that is well recognised for delivering quality merchandise that guarantees to improve your time and enjoyment on the bank! Promising security for rods of varying sizes, this is one rod sleeve that can be relied on to protect your rods, all with the added benefit of not adding any unnecessary weight to your setup.

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