Mainline Baits, Boilies, Liquids, Pellets, Paste, Dyes & more

Mainline Baits is the biggest name in carp bait, a position it has proudly held since it was established in 1990. The Essex based brand has become synonymous with carp capture worldwide, and consistently produces the highest quality carp bait on the market. The company has a simple aim – to help you, the angler, catch more, whilst at the same time providing the carp with the food they need to grow and thrive.

You can be confident, then, that when you fish with Mainline’s bait you will be able to catch carp wherever you are in the world. In fact, multiple catches of the same fish are routine as it produces bait that carp just can’t resist.

Its modern baits are at the height of bait technology. All its baits have been developed from the experience of their expert team, and have been verified by some of the top modern anglers of our time. Its history of producing top quality baits, such as mainline cell, means it is the most respected bait brand on the modern market and is consistently reliable for delivering catches. Summer or winter, carp love it. Mainline Bait has excellent contacts in the food industry, which means its bait research and development is always on the cutting edge.

Mainline also has an outstanding reputation for its innovative research into liquid attractants. These attractants can be used in combination with the recommended bait or mixed and matched to create your own custom flavours. Many of the liquids also enhance the flavour of other baits to super-size your chances of making your dream catch. Whether your preference is for freezer boilies, high-impact, response boilies, pop-ups, groundbait, or stick and bag, it has the bait for you.

Its ethos of innovation means that Mainline Baits is always one step ahead of the game, and, most importantly, the fish. This gives you the edge on the bank, and you’ll be able to out-fish your peers every time. The comapny firmly believes that using bait which has been manufactured with carp in mind is key to the success of the anglers who fish with Mainline.

The brand consults with some of the top anglers around, including many of those who are at the figurehead of modern tackle production. These men are truly giants of the industry, and all have provided outstanding testimonials singing its praises. These top anglers are routinely achieving personal bests with the help of bait from Mainline.

To keep up to date with all the most up-to-the-minute news you can join the Mainline Members Club. This allows you exclusive access to the latest news in bait technology, so you are able to keep ahead of the game. Being a member also gives you access to previously unseen web content, as well as sending you a regular newsletter to keep you up to date.

The company also produces its own custom clothing. With a full range of t-shirts, jackets, hats and hoodies, this range is suitable for all seasons and is sure to keep you warm whilst you show off your appreciation for the brand.

It’s movie channel gives you an exclusive look into the ways top anglers are using Mainline Bait’s in their days on the bank. Not only do these expert anglers impart a lifetime’s wisdom in these short video clips, but you can also see the bait in action – which will surely remove any doubt you may have had to the effectiveness of the top quality product.


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