Mainline High Impact Hookbait Enhancement System

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Key Features

  • Hookbait Enhancement Dips
  • Full of attractors, sweetners &enhancers
  • Boost the attraction level of your bait
  • Ideal for hookbaits, pellets &groundbait
  • 100% Water Soluble
  • PVA Friendly
  • Supplied in 175ml plastic screw-top bottles
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M23032 Flavour: Spicy Crab
Out of stock
M23033 Flavour: Banoffee
Out of stock
M23072 Flavour: High Leakage Pineapple
4 in stock
M23039 Flavour: Salty Squid
Out of stock
M23034 Flavour: Essential I.B
4 in stock
M23126 Flavour: Choc-O
3 in stock
M23127 Flavour: Fruity
5+ in stock
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Discontinued product items
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M23066 Flavour: Diamond Whites
Out of stock
M23040 Flavour: Peaches and Cream
Out of stock
HIHEAF Flavour: Aromatic Fish
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M23060 Flavour: 50/50 Fruit-Tella
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Mainline High Impact Hookbait Enhancement System,

Mainline's High Impact range of Hookbait Enhancement System dips help to boost the attraction level of hookbaits, boilies, pellets and groundbait. Utilising our exclusive High Impact flavours, as well as a list of proven sweeteners and attractors, these PVA friendly liquids can enhance any bait to draw fish from all levels of the water column.

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