Preston Innovations Fishing Tackle, Clothing, Seat Boxes, Luggage, Accesories & More

Preston Innovations has one thing in mind when producing tackle – providing quality products designed with purpose. Every product it creates has come from a gap in the market that it has witnessed first hand on the bank. It then takes the new product and prototypes it, testing it till it meets its exacting standards before the product is put up for sale. This means that you, as the angler, are getting a product which has been refined so that it really will make a difference to you when you’re sat at the water’s edge. Not only this, but the product you’ll get will be completely unique, as the company designs all of its own products, so you can be fully assured of product quality.

Preston Innovations dedicates a lot of its time following leading match anglers in order to learn from the techniques and methods they employ on the bank. It works closely with World Champion Tommy Pickering, England regular Des Shipp, and twice National Champion Emma Pickering, among many others. The brand listens to what these pro-anglers have to say, and then uses this wealth of knowledge in creating its own products. This means that the products you see on the shelf will have been tried and tested on the bank by some of the best. Because of this dedication, listening to real angler’s needs, Preston is one step ahead of other leading fishing tackle providers, so when you use a product designed by Preston you are guaranteeing you’ll be ahead of the competition. In real terms, this helps you to land more catches.

The time invested on each of these products sets Preston apart from the rest, and guarantees a product which will be of real use on the bank. With its first product launching in 1984, the company has over 30 years of experience under its belt. This wealth of experience is directly transferred to you when you buy a Preston product. The same experts who help design the products are also on hand to help you use them – via a free video service on its website, or its YouTube channel. Not only are you using products by the best, but you are also able to directly learn from the best whilst using its products. The product range that the brand produces is comprehensive and covers all areas of match angling. So, whether you are after a pole to transform your match fishing or you’re simply looking for a seat box to make life at the bank that little bit easier, this is the company to look to.

Not only does the company design its products with champions, but it also uses the best materials on the market when they’re making their products. They source cutting edge technology from around the world to use in all of their equipment. This makes sure the tackle you receive performs to the high standards you except from the company.

Preston Innovations is a match fishing specialist, which means that all its products are designed with the aim of catching the most fish. The brand is regularly verified by the best selling angling magazines up and down the country, and is a huge name in the industry. The brand demands quality and practicality, and is supported by the expertise of the biggest names in match fishing.

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