Since 1897, Shakespeare has been the leader in quality yet affordable fishing tackle for anglers in the UK. Shakespeare’s inspiration comes from 115 years of passion and experience, starting with ‘Wondereel’ in 1939 which was the most popular reel to hit the market at the time! In 1976 Shakespeare revolutines the angling community again with the ‘Ugly Stik rod’, the first rod to feature a clear tip and a Howald Process construction which made it virtually indestructible.

Since the early 2000’s Shakespeare has been innovating rods and reels, amongst other terminal tackle items, with the Catch More Fish kits, to our best in class line of licensed kid's products. Shakespeare certainly offers something for the whole family and all levels of experience whether you are just starting out or are a professional.

The Shakespeare objective is simple, they want to make fishing easy and enjoyable for everyone.

The rods made by Shakespeare cover multi-disciplines of fishing with casting rods, coarse rods, fly rods, poles, specimen rods and spinning rods. These rods all in term offer different specifications of weight, action, power and length that help cater to the anglers needs. For example, the Omni range offers match anglers a great, long lasting rod, made of three sections and a cord handle. The Sigma range caters across the disciplines with rods for pike, feeder, match, coarse, bass, fly and more.

The reels are just as diverse with Shakespeare providing baitcast, spinning and fly reels. The Agility range of reels features anodized aluminium spool which is perfect for long range casting. Many of the reels fit both saltwater and freshwater like the Beta, Omni and Crpry series.

Shakespeare also manufactures practical fishing seat boxes for tackle management as well as offering a nice little rest off your feet. Many of the seat boxes are ideal for match fishing with their bright blue and black colours but could be used in other disciplines for how useful they are at organising your tackle. Unlike other seat boxes where you get one big compartment to chuck all your gear and probably have some tangled tackle, the Shakespeare seat boxes are fully loaded with an extra deep storage lid, side trays and a comfy cushion top.

Other Shakespeare tackle includes trolleys for ease of transportation, luggage and chairs for longer, comfier stays when carp fishing.

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