Snowbee Fishing Tackle

Snowbee (UK) Ltd is the British branch of the International Snowbee Group. The Group was first established in Taiwan in 1978, but now has offices in Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada, and the brand has a truly global appeal. The brand first began distributing to the UK in 1984, when its range of PVC waders took the British fly fishing community by storm, and since then the popularity of the business has grown in line with its product range.

Like most modern tackle companies, a majority of the product takes place in the Far East, which, in Snowbee’s case, is due to its Taiwanese heritage. However, the brand is unique in that the entirety of its product design and development for the whole of the International Group takes place in the UK. This gives the company a British feel, despite its international heritage, and you can be assured that all of the products in the range are designed with British anglers, and the complications they face, in mind.

The Snowbee design team are all keen fly fishermen themselves, and have accumulated over a centuries worth of fly fishing, across the disciplines, between them. With a team who experience ranges from single-handed trout fishing, to two-handed salmon spey fishing, and saltwater fly fishing, you are guaranteed that an expert in your area worked on the tackle you love.

And, from its Plymouth base, Snowbee has a wealth of fly fishing spots to choose from. The office is only a few miles from Dartmoor, where the peat moor lends itself to crystal streams that wind down to form the Rivers Dart, Tamar, and Plym. These rivers leave fly fishers spoilt for choice, as they offer up a plethora of salmon and sea trout for anglers to target. Plymouth is a coastal city, and as such offers fantastic opportunities for saltwater fly fishers.  Bass, sea trout, pollock, and mackerel are all in abundance, and offer ample prospects for the game and saltwater angler. This isn’t even to mention the glut of rivers that flow into reservoirs to provide excellent stillwater fisheries, perfect for stillwater and river fly fishing.

As you can tell, Snowbeee has an abundance of opportunity to test out its products before the designs are sent of for final production. The company constantly asks for product feedback from its customers, and regularly puts these product suggesting to the test. This would be impossible, were it not for the ample angling opportunities that surround the head office. This allows Snowbee to be a company that really listens to what the modern angler is asking for. This affords the dual result of keeping it ahead of the game in terms of product development, as well as providing the forward thinking angler exactly what they need to be ahead of the rest on the bank, rather than simply what the manufacturer thinks they need.

Snowbee has come a long way since the days of the PVC waders, and now produces tackle across the fly and sea fishing disciplines. They aim to equip the modern angler with top quality, affordable clothing, tackle, and accessories, and they routinely meet this aim with each new line of products they release.

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