Fox Bivvy

Understanding the Fox Bivvy Range

For any dedicated angler, the quest for the perfect catch isn't just about the reel and bait; it's also about ensuring you're well-prepared with the right shelter. Fox International's bivvy selection encapsulates this belief, providing every fisherman – be it novice or pro – a sanctuary by the waterside.

Why Choose a Fox Bivvy?

Fox International, hailing from Essex, has a longstanding tradition of creating products designed by anglers, for anglers. A Fox bivvy isn't just a shelter; it’s a culmination of years of experience and feedback from fishing enthusiasts.

Selecting the Right Fox Bivvy for You

For the Solo Adventurer:

The Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy is an affordable, high-quality shelter perfect for both newcomers and budget-conscious anglers. With an 8000mm hydrostatic head fabric and a protective two-rib, pram-hood design, it promises durability in a stylish khaki shade. Key features include a versatile door with mesh integration, an open-front option, and a compact size weighing just 7kg. This bivvy delivers unmatched value without compromising on essential features.

The Fox Frontier X Bivvy, crafted in khaki VenTec fabric, boasts a unique ETS (Easy-Tension-System) and a lightweight aluminium frame for swift setup. Its advanced Camo Mozzy vents ensure all-weather ventilation, while the removable inner dome offers adaptability. Equipped with multiple door options and storage pockets, this bivvy perfectly blends functionality and style.

For those fishing trips with a buddy, consider:

The Fox EOS 2 Man Bivvy offers exceptional value, making it an ideal choice for newcomers or budget-wise anglers. Crafted with an 8000mm hydrostatic head fabric, it comfortably accommodates two standard bedchairs, protected under its two-rib, pram-hood design. This durable shelter, weighing 8.6kg, comes with multiple door options, a roll-back front, and is complete with a lightweight groundsheet and heavy-duty pegs, all neatly packed in a zipped carry bag.

The Fox R Series 2 Man Bivvy stands out with its 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating and spacious XL design, offering enhanced headroom and space. Built with a sturdy four-rib structure and 19mm aluminium frame, it features versatile door options and expansive mozzy mesh panels for ventilation. Weighing 21.5kg, it includes a heavy-duty groundsheet and pegs. 

The Fox Retreat+ 2 Man Bivvy is crafted from a resilient 20,000 hydrostatic head Ven-Tec Rip Stop material, ensuring utmost protection from the elements. Its rigid aluminium poles and flat-back design maximise space, both in depth and width. The bivvy's versatility shines with a fully removable front, three diverse door options, and adjustable side tension straps. For enhanced comfort, it includes mozzy mesh side panels and rear vents, ensuring optimal airflow. Complemented with heavy-duty pegs, a robust groundsheet, and an oversized carry bag, the Fox Retreat+ stands as an angler's premium shelter choice.

Each bivvy in the Fox 2-man range offers a unique set of features tailored to various needs.

Always pushing the envelope, Fox has introduced:

The Fox Frontier XD Bivvy, an evolution of the Frontier series, offers an expanded height and footprint, all while retaining the spaciousness of the Frontier X when paired with an inner dome. Its khaki VenTec fabric with a 20,000mm hydrostatic head ensures top-tier weather protection, and the unique ETS (Easy-Tension-System) backed by an aluminium frame promises swift setups. Enhanced with versatile ventilation options and multiple door configurations, it stands out as a premier choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Fox R-Series XL Bivvy is renowned for its 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating and spacious design with an extra high frame. Boasting a three-rib pram-hood design with an oversized peak, it offers enhanced comfort with options like an inner mesh dome and versatile door settings. Made from durable polyester, this bivvy seamlessly merges comfort with protection from both weather and insects.

The Legacy of Fox International

Fox’s offerings, from the fox bivvy 2 man to the single variants, stem from a lineage of passion for angling. When opting for a Fox product, you're tapping into decades of research, innovation, and first-hand angling experience.

The right bivvy can significantly enhance your angling experience, providing comfort, protection, and convenience. Fox International's bivvy range, from the Fox pop up bivvy to the R Series, caters to a broad spectrum of angler needs. The next time you're gearing up for a fishing expedition, understanding the features of these bivvies might just be the key to a more enjoyable outing.

Dive into our comprehensive 'An Angler's Buying Guide to Bivvies and Shelters' to make an informed choice for your next fishing adventure!

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