Fox Retreat+ 2 Man Fishing Bivvy

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Key Features

  • 20,000 hydrostatic head Ven-Tec Rip Stop material
  • Rigid, lightweight aluminium poles
  • Flat back combined with improved side angles
  • Maximum space both front to back and also side to side
  • Fully removable front
  • Three door options: Solid, clear PVC and Mozzy Mesh
  • Two way zips on all doors for barn-style opening
  • Front peak for added protection from elements
  • Mozzy mesh side panels at front
  • Rear and side mozzy mesh vents for increased air flow
  • Adjustable tension straps on side
  • Two rod support straps on peak
  • Mesh inner dome for added comfort available separately
  • Extending Wrap available separately
  • Supplied with full frame support
  • Including side support poles for peak
  • Polyester storm straps give extra stability
  • Use in extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy duty pegs and Heavy duty groundsheet
  • Oversized carry bag
  • Dimensions: 335cm W x 320-370cm D x 185cm H
  • Wrap Available HERE
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Fox Retreat+ 2 Man

** Please note that the video contains flashing images**

If you’re looking for a world class bivvy that can see you through the longest of bankside sessions then this is the ideal option for you. The Fox Retreat+ Two Man bivvy is perfect for the angler who likes to enjoy acres of room on the bank, either when fishing alone or with a friend, and it is ideal for angler who heads to the continent for week long carp fishing sessions.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about this bivvy is its impressive size. In fact, with dimensions of 335cm x 230cm x 185cm, it would be difficult not to! A height of 185cm, which equates to 6ft in old money, means that the average angler can stand tall in this bivvy with ease, so you don’t have to spend your entire time on the bank hunched over. A length of 335cm means that you can comfortably store two bedchairs lengthways in the bivvy, leaving buckets of room for all your other essential tackle items and luggage. The bivvy is 230cm wide and, as you’ll note in the video, you can actually fit three standard bedchairs lengthways in the bivvy. This is perfect for the angler who likes to head to the continent with friends, as you can comfortably fish three anglers in one large continental swim. The bivvy has a spilt rib design, which helps to maximise the internal space, as well as a flat back, which allows you to push your luggage as far back into your bivvy as you require to make the most of the room.

This is an incredibly versatile bivvy and it comes with a mosquito mesh inner dome for all your summer angling needs. This mosquito mesh doesn’t come as standard, although it is available to purchase in a combination package with the main bivvy. This means that you can invest in the bivvy as a stand alone item before purchasing the inner dome at a later date, or you can take the plunge and buy both together for a small saving. This mosquito mesh simply clips into your main bivvy, allowing you to ensure that you’re completely protected from any nasty bankside bug bites, and it comes with its own lightweight groundsheet. This groundsheet can be completely removed, too. Also available for purchase separately is the extending winterskin overwrap. This transforms the bivvy into a dual skin all-weather outfit that is perfect in even the coldest months. What’s more, this overwrap adds a porch section to your bivvy, giving you even more space.

The Fox Retreat+ Two Man is manufactured from high quality Ven-Tec rip stop material. Not only is this incredibly heavy duty and durable but it also offers a hydrostatic head rating of 20,000mm. This ensures that the bivvy is completely waterproof and it can withstand even the most aggressive rainfall, making this the ideal wet-weather bivvy option. It also features mozzie mesh side and rear panels, as well as mozzie mesh front window and door inserts. This makes it ideal for all your summer angling, as you can enjoy a huge amount of air flow on even the hottest and muggiest of days.

Structurally, the Fox Retreat+ Two Man is impeccable. Not only is it supported by rigid aluminium poles, but it also features multiple frame support bars. Adjustable tension straps further aid the structures integrity of the bivvy. The front peak of the Fox Retreat+ Two Man features additional frame support bars and it prevents any water incursion through the door of the bivvy, too. This really is the ideal year-round bivvy for the dedicated angler who regularly enjoys longer sessions and who doesn’t want to compromise on the amount of gear they take.

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