Buyers Guide to Fishing Bait Buckets & Riddles

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Buyers Guide to Fishing Bait Buckets & Riddles

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a quality bucket or riddle, until of course, yours lets you down at the worst possible time! Obviously, there’s more to successful angling than these kinds of basic supplies, but you can’t underestimate how necessary they really are on the bankside until you’re without them!

Buckets really are the only way to transport your bait to and from the bank. Not only are they the perfect container for transporting a huge quantity of bait, but our collection of lidded and breathable buckets also ensures that your baits stay fresh in short and long-term storage too (timescale dependant on the bait stored).


What Size Bait Bucket Do I Need For Fishing?

We, here at Angling Direct understand that not all anglers want to take the same amount of bait with them, and we also understand that some anglers will want to take multiple varieties of baits with them. To accommodate all possibilities, we’ve ensured that we stock bait buckets in a number of sizes.

Whether you want to take a number of baits each at 2.5L, or you want to go all out with 18L of a killer bait mix that you know will do the business on the bank, we stock bait buckets that encourage all manner of possibilities. 


Types of Buckets for Fishing

Fishing bait buckets not only come in a variety of sizes but also a variety of shapes.

Round/ Cylindrical Bucket: A popular option under our carp fishing section is the traditional round bucket that is perfect for storing and mixing bait but also making pouring water onto a fish on the bank much easier. 

Square, Modular / Rectangular Bucket: A great option if you prefer a bucket with corners to closely fit in the boot of a car or barrow. The square buckets are not only easy to store but can often double up as a useful work surface when baiting and trying up your rigs.

Collapsible Buckets: We also store more than just hard plastic buckets for your carping needs. Collapsible buckets are great for anglers with little storage space but need a container whilst on the bank for transferring freshwater or somewhere to store the ground bait mix.

Bagging Buckets/ With Trays: These buckets comes with an insert that allows you to store your bait mix in the main compartment and your PVA bags you make up of that bait mix in the top section. These are great for separating the bait you may have made before arriving at the bank. Keeping those delicate PVA bags separate from the rest of a soggy mix is vital!


Why Do I Need a Bait Riddle?

As an angling organisation, we know that buckets alone are not the sole tools you require to properly prepare your baits. That’s why a number of our bait buckets come fitted with their own riddles as well as selling some riddles separately. Riddles are a vital tool for easily sifting your groundbait, and as such are essential for the dedicated carp angler. 


Why Riddle Maggots when Fishing?

When using live bait to entice carp, you want to keep your maggots in tip-top condition so you can attach them to your rig with them still wiggling and lively enough to catch a carps attention. A riddle comes super handy for this as you can pick up your maggots on the way to a session and pour the maggots over the riddle and bucket at the bankside. You will find that all the alive maggots will fight through the riddle and drop into the bucket whilst the less than lively and inactive maggots will remain in the riddle.


Fishing Bucket Attachments

Riddles and tray inserts aren’t the only bucket accessories we stock, and we also stock an innovative bucket top cushion, enabling you to quickly and easily transform your bucket into a small perch for a weary angler.  If you’re looking for bait with which to fill your bucket, we also stock a wide range of fishing baits.

If you would like any further information about any of the carp fishing bait buckets and riddles we stock, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team or check out ways you can make use of your chosen bait bucket or riddle on our AD blog under the bait tips and tricks!


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