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Shimano has been developing reels ever since the company first diversified into fishing tackle design and manufacture over 40 years ago. Prior to this diversification, the company was best known for its production of world class bike gears, so it already had an intimate knowledge of tings that spin. Shimano put all this knowledge to work in its production of fishing reels, and now the company is seen as one of the leading experts in reel design and production.

Angling Direct stocks a huge range of Shimano reels and reel accessories. From the traditional fixed spool reel, in all its many iterations, to the multiplier reel, Shimano supplies them all. Shimano’s ethos of evolution means that Shimano’s reels are constantly being re-imagined and redeveloped. This ensures that the reel you buy will sit on the cutting edge of angling reel innovation, and Shimano are dedicated to bringing angling into the twenty first century. It is a company motivated by the challenges it sets itself, and is constantly striving to exceed its own expectations. This translates directly into tackle that exceeds your expectations at the water’s edge time and time again.

Not only are Shimano reels high performance, but they are also designed to look good too. This ensures that the reel looks as sleek as you feel when it is performing to the maximum, reeling in the catch of a lifetime.

Shimano, like Angling Direct, understands that a range of anglers at different abilities, and with different budgets, will want to purchase world class reels. This is why Angling Direct stocks Shimano reels at a number of price points, and why Shimano constructs reels intended for anglers with differing levels of experience. Shimano does this to accommodate those anglers who may need a little more guidance as they cast, without dropping in performance, as well as giving experienced anglers the tools they need to fish at the top of their game each time. As a value driven company it aims to create experiences, not simply products, and its reels achieve this time and time again.

Angling Direct also stocks a number of accessories and luggage solutions for Shimano reels, including reel oil for reel maintenance and reel cases to protect the reel in transit or storage.

For more information or an early look at new product concepts please visit Shimano Reels

If you have any further questions about Shimano reels, or any of the tackle we stock here at Angling Direct, our team in our customer service office are always happy to advise. All their contact information, including operating hours, can be found on their dedicate page on our website.

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