Fox EOS 12000 Reel

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Key Features

  • Matt black styling with understated graphics
  • Hardwearing graphite body
  • Suited to general fishing and also use as a spod reel
  • Quick Front Clutch with grit guard
  • Pro Cast Lip on spool
  • Twist Free Roller
  • Mesh-Tec gearing system
  • Anti-Backlash system
  • Rotor line guards
  • Sprung line clip
  • CNS system
  • 7 stainless ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Spare spool options available separately
  • Gear ratio 4.5:1
  • Weight 744g
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Fox EOS 12000 Reel, 

It’s back and bigger than ever! If the name EOS is enough to elevate your heart rate then you will love this brand new Fox EOS 12000. The EOS range has always been about combining practicality with ultra-high performance and this EOS 12000 does all that and much more besides. It also boasts classic EOS value for money, ensuring that you can enjoy a top quality reel system without the cost – perfect whether you’re a lifelong angler or you’re just beginning your carp fishing journey. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing EOS with a bigger model or you’re simply after your first taste of EOS technology then the Fox EOS 12000 is perfect for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about this reel, apart from its increased size, is its stunning all-black finish. Designed to look great on any number of carp fishing rods, this is a classic carpy reel manufactured with the modern and discerning carp angler in mind. However, beauty is much more than just skin deep with this reel and it boasts a whole host of top end technologies that elevate the performance of this reel to the next level. To begin with, the body of the reel has been manufactured from hardwearing graphite. Graphite is one of the most popular materials used in reel construction thanks to its combination of rigidity, durability, and low weight. It ensures that the vital internal components of the reel are held in their perfect position, even when under high torsion stress, whilst also maintaining the low weight of the reel – which tips the scales at a mere 744g.

Inside the body of the reel you’ll find Fox’s impressive Mesh-Tec gearing system. Mesh-Tec ensures that the gears grind together in perfect harmony, ensuring that you never experience any premature wear and tear on these vital components. However, this system doesn’t only improve the life of the gears but it also improves overall reel performance, as it ensures that you’re able to push all your power through the reel without facing any unnecessary resistance from mismatching gears. Seven stainless steel ball bearings, as well as one additional roller bearing, also aid the smooth performance on the reel and the Fox EOS 12000 really is a dream to handle.

The reel boasts an impressive gear ratio of 4.5:1, allowing you to haul in big fish with ease. A gear ratio of this size is necessary when you’re creating the kind of superior quality distance casts that you can with this big pit reel. Impeccable line lay aids the reel’s huge casting potential, as does the Pro Cast spool lip. This ensures that line flies from the reel with ease, helping you get those vital additional inches that you require in order to achieve flawless distance casts to your primed features. An Anti-Backlash system and rotor line guard prevents any tangles, too, so you can cast out with confidence time after time.

This reel also has three different spare spool options available to purchase separately, allowing you to modify the EOS 12000 to suit your needs. The first of these spool options is a standard spare spool. This is the same as the existing spool in the EOS reel and it is perfect for your day-to-day distance carp fishing. However, if you really want to pack on the line then you can also invest in the deep spare spool. This allows you to layer on even more line or to add backing to your favourite mainline without sacrificing casting length. Finally, you can also invest in a shallow spare spool. This is the perfect option for the angler who doesn’t used backed line, as it ensures that you’re never wasting line just to fill the spool. 

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