Gardner Bug Tritium-Max Beta-Light

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Key Features

  • The ultimate continuous light source
  • The most powerful isotopes available
  • Fit all Bug Indicators apart from Nano Bugs
  • Size: 10mm x 2.5mm
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BLBUGP Colour: Purple
BLBUGW Colour: White
BLBUGB Colour: Blue
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BLBUG Colour: Green
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BLBUGR Gardner Bug Betalights, Colour: Red
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BLBUGO Colour: Orange
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Gardner Bug Tritium-Max Beta-Light, Tritium-MAX betalights are the ultimate continuous light source. Gaseous Tritium technology provides the maximum possible brightness making these the most powerful isotopes available. Tritium-MAX are also the first betalights (for fishing use) to be made in True Purple colour. Large (22.5mm x 3mm) for use as rod tip indicator or on some bobbins. Small (12mm x 2mm) for most buzzers, rods and accessories, also Bug Indicators. Bug (10mm x 2.5mm) fit all Bug Indicators apart from Nano Bugs. ATTs (6mm x 2mm) tiny size for ATTs Alarms and Nano Bug Indicators. Sold in Singles and Pairs. Betalights are glue fitted into the Gardner Bug Indicators.

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