Gardner Chod Rigs

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Key Features

  • Ideal for presenting hook baits on most lake &river beds
  • Fitted with Chod Hooks - for use with stiff &mono hooklinks
  • 15lb Tripwire hooklength - ensures the hook turns &gains effective purchase
  • Size 12 anti glare flexi ring swivel
  • Tied in the UK to guarantee the highest standards
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CRB8 Hook Size: 8, Type: Barbless
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CR6 Hook Size: 6, Type: Barbed
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CR8 Hook Size: 8, Type: Barbed
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CR4 Hook Size: 4, Type: Barbed
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CRB6 Hook Size: 6, Type: Barbless
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Gardner Chod Rigs, Fishing with a Chod Rig is a supremely versatile method, ideal for presenting hook baits over a vast number of different lake and river beds. The Chod Rig has become massively popular in recent years but it can be tricky to tie so that it works effectively. Our professional rig tiers have been perfecting the art to ensure these ready tied Chod Rigs are spot on. Chod Hook designed specifically for use with stiff and mono type hooklinks. 15lb Tripwire the highly acclaimed stiff hook length material acts like a long curved rigid extension of the hooks shank which ensures that the hook turns and gains effective purchase. Anti Glare Flexi Ring Swivel is a small Size 12 and orientated the correct way so that the rig is free running on the leader and will sit straight. It is important to use baits that are buoyant enough to hold the hooklink up off the flexi ring swivel and when leadcore is not being used, simply balance with Critical Mass putty. Tied in the UK to guarantee the highest standards. Always reliable and easy to use, our ready tied rigs are the convenient way to ensure ultimate presentation. Our rig tiers are real anglers who take great pride in their work, paying incredible attention to detail and taking the time and effort so you dont have to.

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