Greys GTS 800 Reel

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Key Features

  • Full 6061 bar stock construction
  • Vented side plates
  • Rulon disc drag system
  • Quick spool release
  • Large arbour design
  • supplied in a neoprene pouch
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1404544 Model: Spare Spool, AFTM: 5/6#
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1404538 Model: WF10, AFTM: 9/10/11#
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1404536 Model: WF5, AFTM: 5/6#
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1404537 Model: WF7, AFTM: 7/8#
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Greys GTS 800 Reel

If you’re an avid fly angler then you’ll understand the struggle to find tackle options which are not only high performance but also exceptionally good looking. This was a struggle that the team at Greys had been experiencing in their own angling and they were desperate to get their hands on a reel which not only looked great on the bank but also performed to the high stands that the team demanded. The team decided to take matters into their own hands, designing their very own fly fishing reel which not only looks the part on the bank but also allows you to perform to the very best of your abilities. The result was this, the Greys GTS 800 Reel, which joins a line of impressive fly reels in the GTS series.

This reel has been manufactured from 6061 bar stock aluminium. This is the same material which is used in aerospace engineering and it is exceptionally popular among tackle manufacturers for its incredible light weight and exceptional durability. The combination of these two features ensures that you’re left with a reel which not only balances perfectly on the rod but is also more than capable of withstanding the kind of rigorous action that you might expect to encounter as committed fly angler. The Greys GTS 800 also features vented side plates. These not only help to reinforce the reel, ensuring that this is an exceptionally durable outfit, but they also help to give the reel its ultra-modern looks. In fact, the venting on this reel looks almost industrial in design, giving this reel a unique appearance which will certainly ensure that you stand out on the water for all the best reasons.

The Greys GTS 800 Reel has been fitted with a Rulon disc drag system. Rulon disc drags are by far and away the most popular drag discs on the fly fishing market – and with good reason, too. This is because Rulon is an ultra-high performance material which can withstand great temperatures without degrading. When your drag engages, it pushes the discs together, using friction to stop the movement. However, as you’ll have learnt at school, you can never simply remove energy. Instead all energy is simply converted, so when you use a drag disc to stop the movement of the reel, the reel’s kinetic (movement) energy is transferred into heat energy. With a Rulon disc drag system, you can be confident that your drag discs aren’t going to warp or otherwise lose form when exposed to the kind of friction strain which you’re likely to put your reel under when you’re fishing for UK game species.

The Greys GTS 800 is a large arbour fly reel. This ensures that you can spool up with an impressive quantity of line, so you’re never restricted in the distances you can cast due to lack of line on your reel. The reel also benefits from a quick spool release. This ensures that you can change line types and spools speedily, allowing you to respond to the situation on the water as you need to as dedicated fly angler. This Greys GTS 800 is also supplied in its very own neoprene pouch, ensuring that it is perfectly protected in both storage and transit.

There are three different models in the Greys GTS 800 range. The first of these is a WF5 reel, which is ideal for AFTM rated 5/6# fly lines. This is ideal for lightweight fly fishing and for targeting smaller species. The second reel is the WF7, which is best used with AFTM 7/8# line. This is an ideal intermediate reel type. Finally, the largest reel in the range is known as the WF10. This has an AFTM rating of 9/10/11#, making it the most versatile performance piece in the range and ideal for the larger of the UK’s game fish.

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