Greys GTS300 Fly Reel

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Key Features

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Die-cast full aluminium construction
  • Offers a great strength to weight ratio
  • Features a Rulon disc drag system
  • Large arbor design for fast retrieval
  • Easy left to right hand conversion
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1436352 Size: 4/5/6, Capacity: WF6 + 52m
1436353 Size: 6/7/8, Capacity: WF8 + 85m

Greys GTS300 Fly Reel

If you’re looking to get into fishing on a fly, Greys has a wide range of excellently-priced and well-designed tackle for you. The Greys GTS300 Fly Reel is no exception – it brings together up-to-date fly fishing technology in an attractive package, but it has an entry-level price point. With similar looks and function to the popular GTS600 Fly Reel, the GTS300 is available at a much lower price.

A die-cast aluminium construction provides lightweight strength that underlies an impressive amount of power. Most of this ability can be traced to its large arbor configuration, which is one of the most important innovations in fly fishing of recent decades. Large arbor reels increase the rate at which line can be pulled back in. Compared to reels with traditional smaller arbors, large arbors can increase your retrieval rates up to five times, reducing the hassle experienced by anglers on the move. Because the line comes off the reel in larger loops, less tangling is experienced during normal use. It is well-ventilated too, which reduces weight even further and allows for swifter run-off of water.

The included Rulon disc drag system uses materials similar to Teflon for smooth and hard-wearing line control which is perfect for working with big fish that like to strip out a lot of line. The larger arbor also feeds into more consistent drag because the bulkier spool results in a narrow variation of diameter from fully-loaded to empty. The whole design is easily switched between right- and left-handed configurations and it comes in two size variants. Size 4/5/6/ takes WF6 tapered line and 52m of backing and Size 6/7/8 will take WF8 tapered line with 85m of backing.

Looking good on the rod, feeling good in your hand, and with the power to increase your casting and retrieval efficiency, the GTS300 Fly Reel is another piece of well-priced, no-compromise fly fishing tackle from Greys which is aimed at those starting out or otherwise on a budget.

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