Greys Klip-Lok Box Flip Lid

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Key Features

  • Made from tough injection moulded polypropylene.
  • Three sizes of modular base, same lid fits all.
  • Easy to operate Klip-Lok lids only fit Greys Bait Boxes.
  • Lids feature extra secure Klip-Lok (TM) fastening on all sides.
  • Lids fitted with escape proof, secure seal rubber gaskets.
  • Flip Top lids are interchangeable with all bases.
  • Fast access Flip Top lids keep bait dry or sealed.
  • All boxes have locking feet for neat and secure stacking.
  • Enlarged capacities allow extra storage space.

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1325997 Weight: 1.4 Pint
1325998 Weight: 2.4 Pint
1325999 Weight: 3.4 Pint
Greys Klip-Lok bait boxes fitted with Flip Top Lids fill an important gap in the market of fishing tackle. They have the same unique 1.4pt, 2.4pt and 3.4pt bases as the newly released standard Greys Klip-Lok range of bait boxes, but the lids have no perforations. Instead they feature secondary hinged inner lids, which allow quick access to the contents stored inside the Greys bait box. This gains a great advantage for keeping baits like maggots or worms dry in wet conditions, or preventing moist offerings like soft expander pellets, diced luncheon meat, paste, hemp, tares, particle mixes and sweetcorn from drying out in sunny or windy weather conditions. The Flip Top Lids of Greys bait boxes have a clever catch mechanism that keeps the inner lid slightly ajar in order to allow easy opening and some air circulation, or the quick access lid can be clicked firmly shut for a more positive seal. Other unique features already seen with the new standard range of perforated Greys Klip-Lok bait boxes are also incorporated, such as easy opening and extra secure lid anchoring - thanks to the Klip-Lok feature, along with a unique octagonal shape that prevents other bait box lids or bases from accidentally fitting any of the components of Greys bait boxes .

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