Hinders Pellet Combo 1.8kg

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Key Features

  • Boasts SEVEN different pellets between 3 and 6mm
  • Perfect to appeal to a variety of species
  • Staggered breakdown time keeps fish interested for longer
  • Puts a great size &taste combination in your swim
  • More convenient and economical than buying individual pellets
  • Tested formula, refined so that you can fish with confidence right away

If you're a specimen angler who likes to bring a variety of species to the bank during your session, you'll love the performance and versatility of the Hinders Pellet Combo, which brings you a wealth of catching potential, packaged into no fewer than seven different pellets, which range from 3mm to 6mm, attracting bites from a range of sizes and species throughout your session.  Offering a staggered breakdown time, ensuring that the action stays in your swim all session long, keeping things active and interesting for the entire time you're at the bank.

Specimen angling is uniquely challenging; different fish species are obviously different sizes, and all have different flavours and smells that they find particularly appealing. If you're a multi-species specimen angler, bringing a range of fish to the bank during your session can take all your ingenuity, as well as taking up space in your bait bag, and weighing you down as you rove the bank.

With these rigorously tested pellets, which have been refined for maximum convenience, efficiency, and attraction, the Hinders Pellet Combo gives you complete angling confidence from the first cast to the final draw.

With almost twenty years' experience producing top quality, high-attraction bait, and almost 80 years on the angling scene, Hinders has more than earned their reputation as a go-to name for anglers looking to get the edge on life in the swim, and make the most of every fishing opportunity.

If you're looking to combine a good day at the bank with plenty of piscatorial sightings, then make sure your bait bag is stocked with Hinders Combo Pellets to revolutionise your specimen sessions, and give yourself the confidence that comes from knowing the bait you're using has been designed, tested, and refined by people who are as passionate about the wide variety of fish on offer in British waters, and the possibility of seeing them up close and personal, as you are.

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