Ian Golds Monopod

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Key Features

  • Foot rest
  • Strong &robust
  • Lightweight design
  • Ground spike
  • Retractable cup
  • Adjustable cup
  • Supplied with Single Head
  • Supplied with Single Cup
  • An all time classic rod rest!
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MON4S Length: 4FT, Size: Single
MON3S Length: 3FT, Size: Single
MON5S Length: 5FT, Size: Single

If you’re a beach angler who is tired of struggling with multi-pod setups then the Ian Golds Monopod might just be the perfect product for you. Designed for the surf angler who wants to get set up and good to go in an instant, this is a quick and easy to use rod pod that allows you to get angling within moments of arriving on the beach. Simply press the rod pod into the ground, set up your butt cup, and you’re ready to target the very best of the UK’s coastline.

The Ian Golds Monopod is modelled on a sandspike style rod rest, which means that one end of the monopod has been expertly angled in order to ensure that it is easy to push into a variety of sand and shingle surfaces. Regardless of the terrain on the coastline, you’ll be able to set your rods in a secure and solid base. The foot press on the base of the Monopod makes it incredibly easy to set up and it affords you the additional leverage you require to push your rod pod through slightly more resistant surfaces, too. This foot press can be clipped out, when in use, and retracted back for a slim and elegant final appearance.

One of the useful features of the Ian Golds Monopod is its completely adjustable butt cup. This allows you to position your rod on the rod pod with incredible accuracy, enabling you to change up your setup depending on the conditions on the water. what’s more, the head rest of the Monopod can also be adjusted. This enables you to change the angle of the rod, with its selectable direction to suit the tide and the wind conditions on the day, and it allows you to tackle each different angling situation with complete confidence.

As you might expect from a top quality product, this Ian Golds Monopod is both lightweight and extremely durable. This means that it won’t take up loads of space in the boot of your car or in your sea fishing luggage and it is easy to transport between boot and beach. It also means that it is sturdy enough to last a lifetime of intensive use and it will support your sea fishing rods magnificently in a number of sea fishing scenarios.

Ian Golds is an England International sea angler who has won countless of awards throughout his career. Not only has he receieved in excess of 20 England caps, but he is also a four time gold, three time silver, and three time bronze medal winner with the England International team. As an individual he was the former world number one sea angler and he has won several Penn sponsored sea fishing events. In his personal life, Ian ‘Goldsy’ Golds offers sea fishing tuition on a one-to-one basis, imparting the top tips that he has learnt throughout his thirty five year career. As this top quality product shows, he has also turned his hand to tackle design. Along with this impressive Monopod, Ian Golds also designs a full range of hard wear, which includes tripods and other rod rest accessories; soft wear, which includes his own igloo shelters and luggage; and accessories. If you’re looking for sea fishing tackle used by a man who knows his salt, then the range from Ian Golds is the one to look out for.

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