Korda Pop Up Corn

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Key Features

  • Korda's first fake food release
  • Quality imitation corn
  • Contain flavour/attractor combinations
  • Four flavours available
  • Four colours available
  • Supplied with innovative hair stops
  • Small but deadly range
  • Soon dominate the plastic bait scene
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KPB34 Flavour: IB Yellow
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KPB24 Flavour: Banoffee White
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KPB14 Flavour: Fruity Squid Pink
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KPB44 Flavour: Citrus Zing-Orange
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KPB04 Flavour: Citrus Zing Green
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Korda fake food and fake baits in general are a great choice for anglers that want sturdy, long-lasting bait without filling up the fish you are targeting.

The Korda Pop Up Corn was the first release in the Korda Fake Food range and is still a popular choice for many anglers. There are a few flavours to choose from, one of the most popular being the I.B. Yellow flavouring which consists of a blend of several fruits. This is now a legendary flavour in the fake foods range, one that helps catch fish time and time again.

Other flavours of the imitation corn are; the Pink Fruity Squid which is a blend of the best squid and several fruity attractors, the White Banoffee; great for lovers of banana flavouring and Green Citrus Zing;  a blend of exclusive citrus flavours, made to make their mouth water.

No matter what flavour and colour you opt for, all of Korda's pop-up corn comes with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above. This is an angling trick taken from some of the best plastic bait users in the country. 

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