Korda Flat Swivel Pear Lead

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Key Features

  • Ideal for casting long distances
  • Suited to most carp fishing situations
  • Condensed shape - less affected by cross winds
  • Dumpy - ideal for use in silt
  • Large rounded end helps 'feeling' the lead hit the bottom easier
  • Ideal in solid PVA bags makes the bag nose heavy and more accurate
  • Camouflage coating
  • Fitted with a low glare swivel
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The Korda Flat Swivel Pear Lead boasts the classic pear lead anglers love to use on those long casts. Korda's Flat Swivel Pear lead ensures the ability to cast a very very long way, almost as far as the distance casting.

Thanks to its pear-shaped and condensed construction, the lead is far less affected by cross-winds meaning that the Pear lead is suited to most carp fishing situations when fishing anything up to the very limit of your casting ability.

The dumpy shape can certainly be used to a carp angler's advantage in silty bottoms. Korda suggests using a very light pear lead (1oz or 2oz) and actually let the lead plug into the silt as this will dramatically increase the resistance to a moving carp. What feels like a light lead in your hand can be transformed into a heavy lead in this particular fishing situation.

Due to the leads large rounded end, the lead hitting the bottom is more noticeable and therefore easier than more slender or pointed shapes. Beginner anglers experimenting with this technique will find that this lead will make the job easier.

The Korda pear lead is also ideal in a solid PVA bag, especially when pushed down into one of the corners. This makes the bag nose heavy and so more accurate.

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