Korda Polarised Wraps

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Key Features

  • Incredibly popular 4th Dimension Eyewear
  • At a price within the reach of everyone
  • Will help you to see what is going on below the surface
  • Made to be a very lightweight model of glasses
  • They feature 0.65mm amber lenses
  • Great in most light conditions
  • Enhancing visibility in lower light conditions
  • Whilst blocking out glare when the sun is bright
  • Features a wrap-around style
  • This helps to block light from getting in the sides
  • Also means that they stay securely in place when worn
  • Supplied with a drawstring bag
  • Can also be used for cleaning the lenses

Tell Me About It

A popular, affordable pair of polarised glasses, these Korda wrap-arounds feature 0.65mm amber lenses, designed to give you clarity of sight in low light conditions, and reducing glare when the sun's out, giving you year-round wear.

The wrap-around style of these sunglasses ensures that they'll stay in place when you're wearing them, no matter how active your session gets, while keeping glare from coming in from the side of the frames.

What Discipline Is It For?

Any coarse fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Polarised sunglasses offer clearer sight, cutting through glare, and giving you optimal vision in low light.

What's The Best Thing About It?

Fitted performance.


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Manufacturer Product ID K4D10

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