Korda Singlez T-Bar

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Key Features

  • Integral to the Korda Singlez rangePrevents damage to your buzz barsAllows you to target frosty or sun-baked banksCreates a pilot hole for your setupCarabineer clip for easy attachment to your luggage


Korda Singlez T-Bar

The Korda Singlez T-Bar might look simple but in fact it is an integral part of the Singlez system – despite not featuring in your finished rod support system! The idea for the use of the T-Bar to create a pilot hole came about when (Korda founder, Singlez creator, and carp fishing legend) Danny Fairbrass found himself bending his buzz bars as he attempted to push them in. Fed up with reinvesting in buzz bars after every frosty morning, he designed this T-Bar system.

To get the most from your Korda Singlez T-Bar, simply unscrew the carabineer clip and screw in your spike. You can then push your spike into any gravel or mud surface – regardless of whether the ground has been baked solid by the sun or frozen hard in the cold – without worrying about damaging your buzz bars. You can even take a mallet to the T-Bar if you’re really struggling as its ultra-durable construction ensures that it can withstand the most rigorous of angling activities. The Korda team recommend using the T-Bar to insert the spike about 9/10 of the final depth that you’re after. This ensures that, when the time comes to set up your buzz bars, you’re still going to get a solid base for your carp rod setup. You can then remove the T-Bar and unscrew it from the spike, re-screw in the carabineer and clip it to your luggage, ready for use later.

The idea for the Korda Singlex system first came to Danny when he was fishing in France with some friends. He realised that he wasn’t the only one who was fed up with wasting time on the bank attempting to evenly space his single sticks or adjusting his buzz bars, only to be disappointed with their stability anyway! What he wanted was a rod support system which was not only quick to erect but also durable, stable, and sturdy. Oh, and he also wanted it to look great on the bank. He didn’t think this was too much to ask for but, as the saying goes, if you want something done right then you need to do it yourself! This was way back in 2008 and Danny began fishing with the first prototype of the system in 2010. Also immediately anglers were stopping as they passed by his swim to ask where they could get their hands on the system. This reassured Danny that there really was a market for this product – all he needed to do was to find a way to mass produce the range without compromising on the integrity of the product, whilst also not hiking the price up till it was unaffordable for the majority of anglers. The search for a manufacturer was long and hard, but when Danny met the JAG team he knew he was onto a winner.

The most respected manufacturer of stainless steel bankware in the UK, JAG Products produce bespoke quality stainless steel bankware that is designed to perform through a lifetime on the bank – an investment in this kind of quality now will bring you huge savings for you future. Danny knew that he wasn’t going to get this commitment to precision, quality, and durability anywhere else and this was going to be a manufacturing marriage made in heaven.

The Korda Singlez T-Bar is fully compatible with the entire Korda Singlez range. This way you can build your ultimate carp rod setup with the Korda Singlez range, allowing you to tackle a range of scenarios and venue types with this impressive setup. What’s more, since the build quality of the range is so high, you can add to your collection at any time to further expand your range.

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