Korda Singlez Upright

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Key Features

  • Three options available
  • Easily adjustable
  • Stainless steel JAG UK construction
  • Mix and match to create your bespoke system
  • Durable and sturdy


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KSING01 Size: 9cm
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KSING03 Size: 16.5cm
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Korda Singlez Upright

Singlez is the revolutionary rod support system from Korda and it is a range which has been in the making for the better part of a decade. Korda founder and carp fishing legend, Danny Fairbrass first thought up the range when he was fishing with friends in France – way back in 2008. He was fed up with wasting time on the bank trying to evenly space his single sticks, tired of having to readjust his setup every time he encountered a rock in his way whilst pushing in his system, and frustrated with the fact that no matter how much time he spent he was still left with a system that wobbled with each nudge on his rods. He knew there had to be a solution to his problem. After all, all he wanted was a single buzz bar system which had the good looks and durability of a single stick setup which offering the convenience and accurate spacing of a buzz bar. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, yet none of the existing tackle companies were manufacturing anything that came close. As they say, if you want something done right then it is often best to just do it yourself. Eight years of development, product prototype testing, and an extensive search for the perfect manufacturer has produced this: the Korda Singlez Range.

These are the Uprights in the range. Sold individually, so you can invest in as many as you need to complete your setup, these are designed to be inserted into the Korda Singlez Buzz Bar to elevate your rods from the bankside. They come in three different lengths. The shortest is 9cm. This is the perfect height for the angler who doesn’t have to contend with foliage and who wants a compact and low profile setup. The middle height in the range is 12.5cm. This is ideal for the angler who wants to be able to target a variety of venues, as it gives enough elevation to raise your rods and reels above the worst foliage which also still offering the kind of low profile setup that you’ll demand from your tackle. The final option is 16.5cm tall. If you’re regularly targeting venues with lots of bankside foliage, or you simply prefer a taller setup, then this will be the perfect height for you. What’s more, these uprights can be extended further using the locking adjustment system, giving you an even greater range of versatility. As always, you can mix and match all of these Korda Singlez Uprights to your heart’s content. This allows you to create a setup that kicks up to the sky, allowing you to reach over snags near the margins; reach down till your rod tip almost touches the water, perfect for slack line angling; or to create the ultimate flat parallel system. With the Korda Singlez range, the choice really is yours.

As with the rest of the products in the range, the Korda Singlez Upright has been manufactured by JAG. Finding a manufacturer for the range was one of the most difficult problems that the Korda team encountered. Not only did the team want to ensure that the Singlez range offered the kind of durability that they demanded but they also wanted to ensure that this durability didn’t come at the cost of sacrificing the precision of the setup or the price for the angler. When the team met JAG, they knew they were onto a winner. JAG is a stainless steel expert and it produces all of its products right here in the UK. This meant that Korda could keep an eye on the entire process, ensuring that products were up to scratch – including these Korda Singlez Uprights. 

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