Korum Feeder Rods

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Key Features

  • Slim Hard EVA and Hard Cork handles
  • Screw down reel seat
  • Gunsmoke folding hook keeper
  • Stunning black 5% gloss finish
  • Three quiver tips per rod
  • Lightweight Gunsmoke guides
  • Packs down to three pieces including tip
  • Designed for easy transportation
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KFROD/06 Length: 13ft, Casting Weight: 120g
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KFROD/01 Length: 11ft, Casting Weight: 45g
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KFROD/03 Length: 12ft, Casting Weight: 60g
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KFROD/07 Length: 13ft, Casting Weight: 150g
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KFROD/02 Length: 12ft, Casting Weight: 45g
Out of stock
KFROD/04 Length: 12ft, Casting Weight: 90g
Out of stock
KFROD/08 Length: 13ft, Casting Weight: 180g
Out of stock
KFROD/05 Length: 12ft, Casting Weight: 120g
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Korum are a brand who've mastered the art of blending the contemporary and traditional, and creating tackle that offers both style and substance. With this range of feeder rods, all featuring cork handles and slim, crisp blanks, they take that ability firmly into the match fishing arena  

Crafted to give all round feeder fishing performance, these rods are available in a variety of lengths and casting weights, giving you a performance that suits your style perfectly, and a rod that feels right for you.  Whether you prefer using the method feeder in close for those short range opportunities, or you need to take a traditional feeder out to deep water, where species such as bream tend to shoal up, this range has a Korum rod to meet your needs, and bring you the fish of your dreams on any venue, from commercial lakes to raging rivers and quiet still waters.

Offering a genuine feeling of perfect balance, with a great action that allows for sensitive bite indication and power-packed play, these rods have landed 12lb barbel from the lower Severn, and played in bream from depth, all with a style and panache that will set any angler apart. Giving you the strength and pulling power of a carp rod, with the feel and balance of premium-quality specimen tackle, these rods perform well above their price point, and will make a stylish addition to any tackle kit.

It's rare to find all-rounder tackle that delivers expert performance, but Korum have definitely made it happen with these big-hitting, stylish rods. With everything your coarse fishing needs crafted into a single, impressive blank, and finished with the striking, traditional touch of a full cork handle, why would you ever buy anything else?  Let's take a run through the range, so you can be sure of choosing the best Korum Feeder Rod for you and your angling:

11ft 45g,
A fantastic tip rod for a multitude of species. Ideally suited to lakes where feeders need to be dispatched accurately at short to medium range. A versatile choice.

12ft 45g,
Perfectly suited feeder fishing at medium range for a range of species. A fantastic all-rounder feeder rod that has plenty of backbone for hard fighting species.

12ft 60g,
A superb feeder rod with more power for larger feeders at longer range. A versatile rod that lends itself beautifully to a variety of feeder fishing tactics. Also at home on slow moving rivers.

12ft 90g,
A great distance feeder fishing option that casts larger feeders accurately without fuss yet retains enough tip sensitivity for silver fish tactics. Equally useful for medium-paced river tactics.

12ft 120g,
The most powerful of all the Feeder rods in the range. Great for longer range fishing with heavier feeders and a superb option on moving water. Ideal for many species thanks to the sensitive tips.

13ft 120g,
Distance feeder fishing made easy. The first of the 13 models in the range can handle large feeders on still waters and faster-moving water. More powerful tips provide a crisp recovery for casting, for improved accuracy.

13ft 150g,
More power and a faster action make this a joy for longer casts or fishing with heavier feeders. Works well on large still waters and fast-paced rivers. The powerful tips recover quickly for optimum casting performance.

13ft 180g,
The most powerful rod in the range and will easily launch feeders over 100m. Can be used with large feeders on both still waters and rivers. Larger guides offer enhanced casting performance.


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