Korum Power Telescopic Landing Net Handle

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Key Features

  • Perfect for commercial fisheries, steep river banks
  • Reinforced, super strong, balanced and stiff
  • Features shrink wrapped base and tip for better grip
  • 2m: 1.1m non-extended. 2m extended
  • 3m: 1.2m non-extended. 3m extended
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K0380001 Length: 2m
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When you’re fishing from a steep riverside bank, and need your landing net to have extra reach to get your fish quickly and cleanly to the bank, or you want to know that you can easily return commercial fishery stock to deep water, allowing fish to recover more quickly from the stress of heavy catch and release, the Korum Telescopic Landing Net Handle gives you the length, strength, and flexibility you need.  This net handle is also ideal for sea fishing from the shore, giving you the reach you need to deal with a fish that’s putting up a fight.

Rigid and well balanced, the telescopic landing net handle is shrink wrapped at butt and tip to enhance grip, and ensure that, no matter how wet it gets out on the bank, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to hold on to your net.

This net handle comes in two sizes, the 2mtr, which is 1.1metre before being extended, and the 3mtr, which gives you almost ten feet of reach at full extension, and is just 1.2mtrs before being extended.  This compact initial size makes the net handle easy to transport, and improves handling when you’re attaching it to your net head.

A telescopic landing net handle gives you the flexibility to take your net out to deeper water, which can be useful not only for returning stressed fish to a place where they can recover more quickly, but also for safely bringing in a fish that’s putting up a bit of a fight six feet or so from the bank, and is at risk of damaging itself if you try and reel it closer.

With strength, durability, quality design, and full functionality, this Korum Telescopic Landing Net Handle gives you the ultimate flexibility to truly enhance your angling experience.

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