MAP XXL Barrow Front Bag MK2

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Key Features

  • Fits X2 / X4 barrows
  • Ideal when extra storage is required
  • Drainage holes in base of bag
  • Designed to accommodate the MAP EVA XXL net bag
  • Size: 595mm x 300mm x 390mm

A sister brand of Leeda, Match Angling Products is a brand that aims to revolutionise match and coarse fishing with innovative products that combine functionality with great value. MAP design, prototype, and field test all its products in the UK, so all the products are designed with the British angler in mind and are built to combat the challenges the modern British angler faces.

For the angler that owns a variation of the MAP MK2 barrows, upgrade your travel system with the extra storage and organisation of the front barrow bag from MAP. The amount of tackle you could take to a match is endless, so why not take the gear you know will make a difference and pack it in the barrow.

 This front storage bag fits directly onto the front of either the X2 or X4 MAP barrows and is ideal for extra storage of bait bags, net bags or EVA net bags when coarse fishing. For when extra storage is a must, this bag simple attached to your barrow ready for you to add your extra luggage and accessory cases.

The barrow bag measures at 595mm x 300mm x 390mm and is made so it can perfectly fit the MAP EVA XXL net bag, that fits the mega, super-sized nets of for retaining a large amount of fish on match day. A great bonus of this barrow bag which further accommodates a used smelly net is the drainage holes at the base of the bag. These both ventilate the bag as well as allow for excess liquids to drain away underneath the barrow.

So if you are needing to upgrade your barrow to add more gear, look into the XL barrow front bag from MAP.

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